What is Your Healing Artist about?


Transforming through creativity

We were born in creation and as children we created. And we create our own lives. We are born to create. Your Healing Artist re awakens the creator within you.

I love to work with those who want to re awaken their creativity.

That part of us we put aside because we thought we weren’t good enough.

The ones who dream of being a writer, a photographer, a dancer, an artist… that dream that you put on the back-burner, blown the dust off and want to make it real.

Or simply those who want to create again for the pleasure but don’t know how or where to start.

Whatever your reason, you are here becuase you know you want tobring more creativity into your life and you know just how could it can be for the soul

Your Healing Artist simply helps you plant that seed and give it the best environment to grow in.

Using the laws of the Universe and intention I want to help those too who want to take control  create their life on purpose. It doesn’t matter how small or big your dream, I want to ignite the creative fire within and help you transform, from caterpillar to butterfly.


By releasing those trapped emotions

..that cloud our vision and slow us down. Those old negative weights we had that we thought had been brushed under the carpet…Well they’re there, tied to your energy field and we’re going to let them go! Negative emotions stop us from moving forward as well as creating physical pain and illness. You can read more about it here

By using creative play. 

Acrylic paint is a great medium to play with as it requires no technique (unlike other paint mediums), bringing out the inner child. Colour too can be brought in to play around with.  Through it you can work through your life’s troubles. So very often the problems you face on the canvas are the same ones we face in our daily lives – control, fear, indecision, perfectionism for example.

By focussing on the process and not the end result

Through the process of painting we are able to work through blockages and barriers in a safe and fun environment  – the canvas. We try new ideas, take risks, and the fact that we are being creative touches our soul at deep level so that the change occurring on the canvas is in fact also occurring under our own canvas, our skin. We our putting the deepest part of us on the canvas to work through at a tangible way. We are connecting with spirit. At the same time we are so focussed on painting that we forget our worries, our day-to-day problems so that it allows inspiration to flow both on the canvas in what we paint and in the solutions we need.

The benefits of  painting include learning to:

  • Take risks
  • Let go
  • Face fears
  • Let go of control
  • Have fun
  • Laugh
  • Find our own solutions to life’s problems
  • Release emotion
  • See patterns in our life
  • Break through our comfort zone

You are also able to

  • Heal through the colours you use in your painting
  • Find your child within
  • Meet other people
  • Realise that we are all creators
  • Release inner blockages

What better way to heal your life than having fun, and having something to hang on your wall to see your journey!

Acrylic paint is often the main part of my workshops for this reason, however we also use pastels, writing, good old felt tips,  cutting and sticking, and so many other mediums. During your coaching sessions with me you will also be able to work with your chosen medium, be it photography, painting writing or dancing. 

Whatever your dream, what ever your creativity, Your Healing Artist is here to help release and create both on the canvas and off. 

If you would like to know more, why not drop me a line or we can connect for a chat and see how we can work together. Just contact me here



4 thoughts on “What is Your Healing Artist about?

  1. Kris says:

    I am now a Level 2 Reiki practioner. I am also an Art Teacher at an International school in Frankfurt. I am eager to combine my Reiki with my passions for teaching, art and spirituality. It seems you have successfully done so. Do you have any insights for me?

    • artandreiki says:

      Hi Kris,
      Great to hear from you, that’s fantastic! Would love to connect with you- are you on FB? I’ll send you an email to exchange further. I am still building my business, and I feel there is a real need for what we do. Reiki I found helps to release blocks to creativity. Follow your instincts, try out things- I offered workshops to friends for free, played with ideas to see how people reacted and what they needs were. I also love teaching and this is why I intend to run workshops on colour healing (currently training for colour therapy diploma).

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