Reiki isn’t just about healing your body

Reiki is so much more than healing the body , the aches and pains, emotional problems.         It extends so much further into our lives than that. You see we are all connected, we are all really one, connected by consciousness, by threads, by thought, by energy.                       Unblocking a chakra can gave effects with other people, our interactions, the way others interact with us.                                                                                                                             On a general level, Reiki increases our energy vibration (the feel good factor!) and when that increases we naturally attract people, thoughts, events of that same vibration. A simple law of physics.

Now lets look at the effect of unblocking a chakra.  Take for example a client I had who had family problems-she hadn’t been talking to her family for years, something which she felt resentment, and was affecting her life. She came to me for a general overall as she had pains in her back, shoulders and arms. She was admitted she was a bit of a hypochondriac. On giving Reiki her heart chakra was blocked (hence upper back ache and arm pains). A lot was released that day with immediate release of back pain. Later that week the arms were much better and then the same week she was back in contact with her brothers, something she had waited years for.  This may have stemmed from the root chakra or from blocked resentment in the heart.

Reiki can also be used for helping to focus on goals, lose weight, increasing confidence. Because of this it helps in business development, personal life, family issues. With Reiki however it is not up to me to guide the energy or healing, Reiki does this and goes where it is needed most. I can however talk to you pre or post treatment to guide you in your lifestyle.

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