Face the fear and do it anyway

Today I went paragliding! Just to let you know, if you haven’t seen on Facebook, I am petrified of heights- ski-ing is a nightmare as I cannot get on a ski lift, I get stuck 4m off the ground wall climbing, yet here I was over 600m off the ground with nothing below me. My hands still sweat at the thought! But you know what? It feel so good to do something I am so scared of and now those ski-lifts will be nothing in comparison!
I was also beginning to feel that life was getting a bit mundane, the usual routine, I was wanting to do something different for once, shoot me out of my comfort zone. Well I did that! I also saw the world from a new perspective, literally!

Sometimes we get so stuck in routine or normal fears, that the small one can become big ones. Once we come out of that safe zone the fears and problems shrink, we get a buzz of adrenaline, and we feel so good that we have done it, raising our emotional vibe.

Here are some ideas to face fears. What fears do you have? How could you get through them?

  • Think back and write down all those times when you broke through a fear and just how you good you felt, great for those low confidence moments.
  • Create a bucket list. full of small and big things you want to do once in your life. On Twitter I’m following “newlife2014″(@breakuplist) who has decided to do all things she wishes he had done and get doing them.
  • Turn fear in courage! When you’re faced with fear, look inside and say to yourself, this isn’t fear, this is courage I’m feeling. The feeling is totally different, try it!
  • Chew gum (though I don’t like the stuff personally)-your body cannot be in fear and eating at the same time ( would you be eating when faced with a lion?) , so chewing gum tricks the brain-‘ I can’t be in fear otherwise i wouldn’t be eating!! Simple eh!!
  • Take action, any action into the fear, and it switches on the light in the darkness

How do you face your fears? Drop me a line and let me know, or share on facebook
Also I’d love to hear what you have done to thrown you out of your zone recently, and how you felt!
Looking forward to hearing from you!

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