Can I lose weight using Reiki?

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I was asked this quite recently and since, it has come up few times which to me is a signal to work on it.
Yes! Reiki can! And this is why I am launching my weight management programme on my website Rays of Positivity.

In many cases weight problems ( whether the need to lose or to gain weight) is an emotional one. Dieting is just treating the symptom and not the cause which is why dieting doesn’t work in the long run and we end up putting the weight back on. The maths says eat less calories than we need, but still we hold to the pounds, or we find ourselves craving food, binging, pining for forbidden food.  Food is intrinsically attached to emotion, to survival, affection. Anorexics use it as a tool for control, often the only thing they can control. They say we eat more chocolate when we are not sexually fulfilled. Not to even mention the thoughts and beliefs around weight itself. Here in the west where food is in excess, being slim is considered beautiful, a sign of control in the middle of excess and gluttony, whereas in other countries where food is more scarce the opposite is true, being overweight is a sign of beauty connected to wealth in being able to afford to buy food. This has always fascinated me and indeed it dawned on me that I am coming full circle as my studies started in Dietetics, my dream when I was 15 was to live in France (done) with french partner( also achieved) being a dietician (new spin!).

The lady who asked me about Reiki and weight found that she was ballooning up and deflating very often, even in the length of an evening and especially around people she felt uncomfortable with. Weight gain becomes a protection field from negative energy and this lady was indeed protecting herself. Many empaths have weight issues as they protect from others emotions.

Weight issues can also stem from long held beliefs about ourselves, how we love ourselves and accept who we are. Strangely when I look in the face of an overweight person I see someone else hiding so often, as if they are frightened to show the real self. Maybe I am picking up on an emotion?

Weight of course can also be a health issue from imbalances in hormones (which also stem from emotional issues not dealt with),  it can also be a simple lack of motivation or self discipline.

All of these issues can be addressed through Reiki, and happiness coaching. Reiki rebalances the system both emotional and physical as well as mental and spiritual. Benefits include:

Rebalancing hormones  ( 1st chakra cortisone,adrenalin, noradrenalin, 2nd chakra estrogen, testosterone, 3rd pancreas- insulin and digestive hormones,4th thymus and the immune system, 5th  thryroid and parathyroid, 6th pituitary, vasopressin, 7th serotonin, melatonin)

strengthening self discipline, self worth  and willpower- 3rd chakra solar plexus,

healing hurts from the past  – heart chakra

it also strengthens the metabolism

decreases stress ( linked to over or under eating)

aids addiction (to food, alcohol, cigarettes etc)

Reiki also helps us to choose food which are better for our health and spiritual well being, you will find that you will start to go off foods which are not good for you.  decreased alcohol intake, dropping red meat, going vegetarian, less sugar cravings.

This is just a tiny glimpse at what Reiki can do during a weight management programme. During a Reiki treatment emotions are released, we see more clearly our problems, what needs releasing, it heals broken ties that can also have an effect on our eating habits. The benefits are huge.

Regarding happiness coaching beliefs are looked at, the way we think and see the world, we tap into the sub concious mind. Instead of looking outside the body (food, alcohol) for comfort and love we begin to look inside. How many times have you overeaten or grabbed a bar of chocolate to fill a void? How often have you deprived yourself of food to control life?

I have found through my teaching work that right brained people ( who are emotion,feeling, intuition based) are more overweight or rounded, whereas left brained (analytical, mathematical, logical based) tend to be underweight. Emotion again.

We live in a society which makes us believe that our power for healing and cause of problems lies outside of us, driving us to use outside forces to cure all, when if we just looked inside of ourselves we would find that this power lies within us, the power to heal, be happy and even bring peace.

If you would like to know more about my weight management programme through Reiki and coaching please take a look at my website







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