I was shocked!

OpenmouthI recently returned from a trip home to the UK (I live in France and the biggest shock for me was the food. Living in France for 13 years and having lived with a french man for 22 years (divorced) I learnt alot about the french, their eating habits and relationship to food, which is completely different to the English. (More of that in another post).

Apart from loving England, the food is the one thing where there is a big gap and I know I would miss the french way of eating if ever I moved back.

This is what shocked me:

Natural food

Go into an English supermarket ( excluding the likes of Waitrose and maybe Sainsburys) and I was astounded to find so much processed food, lo fat, diet foods. My daughter wanted to buy yogurts, natural yogurt, normal yoghurt, if possible organic Soya yoghurt. Easy in France. The isles of dairy products are huge, the biggest section being full fat, normal yogurt. It took us half an hour to find one, we found one pot of full , normal yogurt. We found a soya yogurt which wasn’t organic and full of chemicals ( always worried with un-organic soya).  We tried to find something to put into sandwiches in the cold section, without meat ( my eldest daughter and I are veggies). all we could find were food dosed in cream, salad cream and mayonnaise.

Sweets and chocolates

EVERYWHERE!  Incredible! Sooo much choice and at every corner. In france there are two places to buy chocolate- the supermarket, multipacks only for parties, and a very small choice , or in newsagents -about 10 brands. Incidentally sweets and crisps are eaten at parties and picnics, never every day or week. So the child never gets in the habit.



I still couldn’t believe walking buy Mcdonald’s and seeing people eat full meals at any time of day- 9,10,11 am, 2,3,4 pm. in France Macdo ‘as it’s known)  is quiet till about 7 pm. Before then its a snack or coffee.


The French have got it right, there is no French paradox, the French just know what to eat and when. More about this in my next post.


My daughter, 16, said to me:

“Mum I am so happy to have been brought up in France, so that I eat food properly and know what to eat and when”


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Change your beliefs around food, weight, learn to love yourself and be happy now.



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