All you need is love

The Beatles knew it all along, love is all you need, all you is love.
Do you love yourself? Really? I don’t mean in narcistic sense, but accepting yourself completely as you are now? When you love someone don’t you accept all their bits, good and bad? Or do you wait until they’re perfect until you love them? No? Of course not! Then why should you be any different?
Why is this so important? Especially when you’re wanting to lose afew pounds, get into that bikini and not feel like a beached whale! How can I love those horrible flabby bits? Because if you don’t like something do you really want to look after it? Whereas if you love something you want to accept, it care for it, help it to improve.
How do you learn to love your body?
-Buy a lovely body cream and take time to apply it, you can say thankyou to each part of your body. I used to hate my stomach ( long story) but with massage I began to see that this area of my body protected my unborn babies, my curves and softness is a sign of my femininity. Even though my stomach is far from untoned I now love it as part of me. Give thanks to your clabby arms as without them you could not hug or cuddle.
-Each day find something positive about your body, however small.
– take time to look in the mirror and see whether the clothes your wear really do flatter you? ( yes even big women can look drop dead gorgeous (just look at Adele)
– have your colours done ( Ask me for more details) to find the colours that flatter and slim you- ( no black is not the answer!)
-Have a Reiki session – this helps release emotions connected to self love and lack of it.
Want to know more about weight loss coaching, Reiki and colour analysis? Click right here


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