What story are you holding on to?

For the past 5 years at least financial abundance has been, shall we say, a little on the low side! Rejected payments, high debts, blacklisted, inability to to pay the rent. Yep been there, done that got the tshirt – and the autograph! Going back over my working life I also realised that I earn the same salary now as I did when I started working, 25 years ago. No more. This to me rang huge bells in my head that rang to the tune of ” block alert” and ” self worth problem” . If others were prosperous why wasn’t I? My career is amazing, my love life is perfect, my family too, health is good and improving, spirituality is through the roof. But prosperity and money security? Rock bottom. The last 5 years as a single Mum has been far from easy. Yes I would scrape through to the end of the month, to the last euro, and empty fridge. But you know what? By last month I had had enough. Enough. Enough of only just, with just enough.
Everytime I had my struggle I would learn, learn letting go of things, attachments, how to kick myself into action. I found true happiness, goodness I learnt SO much, all of which I use in my coaching.
I thought I was finally free, 2 months of no rejections from the banks. Then BAM! It was back. I had no money in my account and was about to take my girls and mum to the Uk for a holiday. Car park and rental to pay, as well as food. I hit a HUGE. Wall. I will never forget that day in July. It was a Saturday. I spent it crying. All day. I couldn’t snap out of it. I was down, really down. But I knew this was the last time. Something inside of me, at little voice, said “this is it, tis your time” . I was hitting the wall and I knew this was the last BIG wall. I meditated, self reiki’d but nothing seemed to touch me. Finally a friend contacted me and we talked. She was a godsend, an angel. Many had told me to change the energy feeling with money but I couldn’t get it. Until this friend said look at money as a friend. That was big haha moment when I realised that I had always looked at money as a kind of bully, something to keep in check, be wary of, in case it striked out. Banks felt bad, places where they took your money. From then on I changed my perception, banks became my money’s home, they took care of it, money was welcome into my home, it helps me achieve my goals, spread my wings. Every time I thought negatively over money I changed it to a friend. The difference was huge. The whole vibration changed. Money hadn’t changed but my perception of it had.
I went on holdiay to the UK And as if by divine timing I was faced with the paradygms I grew up with- I stayed with my Mum. I heard the paradgyms around money, as if I was being faced with them to deal with them. The universe was showing me. We did have a great holiday, we had JUST ENOUGH money and food, literally. But I was left with the fear over money still.
Then I had a conversation with another friend, we talked about money opportunites, but each time a little voice said to me “yes but I don’t have money” “yes but I can’t do that, I am working through my money blocks”. Every time she said something there was a contradicting voice. I began to question it, why did it speak? What was going on? It was then that I saw that I was identifying with this story, a self fulfilling prophecy, I was carrying the story with me as it was me. I needed to let go. I visioned myself cutting chords from weights upon which were words associated with the poverty mindset, I decided there and then that I was and am prosperous, I live a prosperous life and that money flows to me easily. Money helps me spread my message, helps others, helps me create my dream, buys good food for my children and me. I am happy regardless of money, I have found happiness during my quest, I am not attached to money, but money is certainly a wonderful tool.
This is the start of my new prosperous life and it is here that you will live the changes with me. If you would like to change your story, why not pop over here

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