Stand on your desk!

Remember the scene from Dead Poet’s Society, where robin Williams asks everyone to stand on the desk and get a different persepctive? Well that is how we should live every moment.
You see when we think we have a problem, a difficult situation we are only seeing it from our own perspective, view based on our beliefs of the world. We see the world through our beliefs. If, however we were to change this view we would see that the situation is not as we think it is. It is just a situation, not bad not good, that comes from where we see it. If you showed the situation to 10 different people – without experessing your opinion on it you would hear 10 different points of view. It’s like putting an object in the centre of a circle of people, everyone would have entirely different views but each would be right.
Excercise 1. Next time you have a problematic sitution and write it in the middle of a piece of paper, around it write all the possible ideas about it, the positive ones! If you’re not sure, ask others for different ideas, people from work, family, friends.
Also something may seem so bad right now but what we don’t see is where it’s leading us. Nothing leads us on purpose into a worse situation, we always come out better, whether that is learning, growing, introducing us to someone else.
Excercise 2. Look back on different difficult situations in your life and see where they led you.


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