Does death make you feel sad?

Robin Williams recent death affected us all in so many ways. We remembered his incredible humour which entered us all. i don’t think I’ve met anyone who didn’t like the way he made us all laugh, from Mork amd Mindy to Mrs Doubtfire, Awakenings and the Fisher King.
What also came to the front too was how people reacted to him passing away. Like The passing of Princess Diana we were all left in shock, wondering how the world will be now he isn’t here to make us howl with laughter or cry through his sensitivity.
Many feel so saddened by his parting, deeply saddened, briniging up too memories of loved ones who also passed. I feel, however that we need to celebrate his life not mourn his death.
I have such a different view on seath now, which was out to the test when my father died just before Christmas, 2013. To understand death we must zoom out, away from our life here in earth. This blog is how I understand where we came from and why we go back. I am not saying I am right, simply giving you maybe a different spin, maybe something will sit right with you and help you understand death on a different level. All I do know is that what I write feels true at a very deep level for me, I know at a ceullular level. Whether I am right or wrong is no matter- we’ll find out sooner or later!! The importance is being able to accept death and not be saddened by someone’s parting or fear our own. Saying that, I am not denying I was sad when my father died, but I understood so much more that his parting was not final and I knew he was with me.
Death is not really death at all. Death is final and a very earth human way at looking at life! The end. Finished. No more! But it isn’t that at all. Death is in fact life, it’s the moment we go back home, our real home. Life on earth is just a temporary growing experience as growth we cannot do in spirit (which is energy, love and light). Once we have done all we need to do or feel capable to do, we go back home, and prepare for the next life. In each life we come back with the same people, though often in different roles, so how can we be frightened by our own death when we know that we will meet with others again and again and again. Life on the other side too is not just a mass of black empty space or sitting on white fluffy clouds! It’s being with our loved ones who also passed, with our spirit guides and angels, surrounded by a love that is so unconditional and huge. So much more than we could imagine here on earth.
Why be saddened by someone passing? We need to celebrate their life, the role they had in our lives. Of course we can be sad, that they are no longer with us, to share moments, build memories, but we can celebrate all they needed to do and to learn and that they had the courage to say it’s time. Once they are gone they are ALWAYS with us, watching over us, our guides on the other side. They communicate with us, if we choose to listen, through words of a song, maybe, or feelings we feel. If we choose to listen we will hear.
We also need not live in regret of ‘if only’s. Everything was and is just as we planned it, we cannot wish to have changed the way our loved one parted. The way is not the subject- if they went another way they still would have gone, and they went the way best for them. We cannot help them to have learned their lessons quicker- only they could have done that.
This goes for animals too, who are also our guides and protectors on earth, they too have their roles to play. When they move on it’s because their role is done, and maybe it’s a sign for new opportunities coming our way. My very loyal cat of 5 Years went missing 3 months ago, and I accepted that he had been taken either now to bring joy to someone else’s life, or to open up new doors for me- maybe ease of travel without worrying about him.
What are your views on death? And how did Robin Williams’ death affect you? Why not comment on my facebook page ? Or take a look at my website on how I could help you accept the parting of a loved one

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