The attitude of gratitude

“May the Lord make us truely thankful for what we’re about to receive, Amen.”
This was the grace we said before every lunch at primary and junior school in the UK (and it wasn’t a religious schhol). At the time we said it without thinking or meaning but it is only now I realise the power of this simple ritual, (which I feel should be brought back to schools, but without the religious spin, as grace is open to all).
More and more people, I see are giving gratitude. On facebook people are electing each other for daily gratitudes and this is so wonderful, helping people to get into a habit they have never known before and appreciating the small things in their life.
But do we know just why giving gratitude is so important, in fact maybe one of the most important steps to happiness, and how exactly it can be done to get the true meaning of it?
So why is one of the most important steps?
Gratitude basically changes the way we look at the world. It flips our brain.
When a child receives a present we train him/her to say thankyou. Every moment is a gift, every moment is a miracle, so give thanks as we teach others to do. How can we receive more if we’re not thankful for all that we already have? The Universe is listening! If we do not appreciate all that we have then why receive more? If we speak in Law of Attraction terms, being grateful for all that we have NOW but us in the vibration of already having all that we need, we are in the vibration of having all. If we came from the thought of not having enough then we shall never have enough. The Universe is simply a mirror of our thoughts.

It’s easy to say thanks when everything seems shiny and wonderful, but what about those moments when we feel we have nothing or when everything is going wrong? Giving gratitude helps us to see just how much we really do have especially when the chips are down. During these moments we can look at the negatives, all that we don’t have and feel poor, or we begin to see the all that we do have. We often start with the material possessions, friends family, and then find the smaller and smaller miracles in our day, and it’s then that we see we really do have so much. From this point our energy vibration begins to lift. As we climb the vibrational ladder we begin to see opportunities to free us from the present situation, we see the positive of where we are.
So many times i have been in this very sitaution, often having no money, feeling poor but as I began to give gratitude the whole feeling changed, I began to feel hopeful, seeing the situation as a driving force to a new level.

So how can we give thanks and in an effective way?
We can write it in a gratitude diary, or create a gratitude jar and put in a thankyou written on pieces of coloured paper, or a list displayed in a visible place for you to add to. Do it in the morning to say thanks for the day ahead, setting a positive tone, or in the evening to give thanks for the moments passed.
To be really effective however we need to really feeling the emotion. This only really starts to happen when we get away from the everyday stuff like material, family and friends. If we write 5 new gratiudes every day we start to really feel the essence of life, the true miracles present to us. I have lost count at how many times I am in tears of love for seeing the coloured wings of a butterfly, or the sky before a storm, the fresh smell of wet earth after rain, of feeling my heart beat without me telling it to. Once we get this feeling then we really set the vibration high and miracles happen. We are touching the true spirit of life. When you write your thanks really get into it, feel the moment, write from the heart. You’ll feel the difference.
For today i will give thanks to the beauty of colour, all the shades of green around me, from the blade of grass, to the ivy growing up the wall, to the palm tree shivering in the breeze. I am so thankful for seeing colour, it makes the world into such a magical place and those colours change our mood, heal us and lift us. Thankyou.


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