Is your head full of thought?

I am sure, if you are like most people, you carry inside your head millions of thoughts all day every day, buzzing around like confused flies. Have you ever just stopped and listened to your thoughts? Try it. Find a trigger, for example every time you put your key in a door stop and listen. You will begin to see the mindless negative chatter going on in your head.

These thoughts run the show, the ones that you don’t seem to have control over, they have a pttern and if you look at your life you will begin to see a correlation between the two.

But how to stop them?

We can’t!

But we can change them, quieten them, discconect from them.

Change the thought, for example when you hear a negative thought say “stop” , thats not me, and change the thought to a positive one. you can also create affirmations that you repeat everyday which will change the way you think

Quieten the thought We all know that meditation helps. Imagine your thoughts as people in a crowded room, and your life at the other side of the room. Imagine trying to see  and move clearly in the direction you want to go-difficult with all these people to push through.


Meditiation helps these “people” to sit down, quieten and allow you to see where you’re going more clearly. You can see the way through and where you are going.

There are many ways to meditate,  and to help you there are guided ones on you tube, apps for iphones. or simply just sit quietly and concentrate on your breathing. It shouldn’t ne complicated, simple is best, and with practise gets easier and easier.

Disconnect from thoughts

start observing your thoughts as passing clouds, not attached to you.

You can also write thoughts down in a mind map


Start wth a box representing your head of thoughts, and from that branch out in to boxes, one for each thought. For each thought find a solution, or worst possible scenario, and the outcome. It’ll help to get them from inside your head out on paper and sort them. All thoughts will be turned from negative to positive and your head cleared.

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