What will you change in 2015?

It’s coming to that time of year again, with resolutions not far around the corner.

What if 2015 could be the year that you do it, whatever that it may be?

What if you finally decided to grab the year by the horns and go for it?

Don’t know where to start? Here’s some help and a few tips to get you started.

Take each area of your life – career, health, spirituality, finance, family and friends, hobbies and pastimes and give each one a mark out of 10. 10 being perfect, nothing to change and 0 being everything to change.  Writing it all down and evaluating each area canbe very illuminating, spurring you on to make changes.  Now what would make those areas a 10? What is missing? What could you do to make it a 10? This’ll give you something to focus on and give your new a good start with an aim.

Make it also a year to change the way you think too.  Deciding to look for the positive in every situation can change your life. Any situation is purely neutral- we decide whether it is positive or not, and even if it’s seems bad at the time you will see that good always come from a seemingly negative situation, and you’ll start to see more as your brain begins to bring in appositive filter. Of course I don’t mean forcing yourself to smile all the time but just to train yourself to see what good could come and soon you will see it everywhere.  Changing thoughts is a habit and certainly takes time before it comes automatic, but each time you hear that little negative voice, say stop! And replace with a better one.

Start giving gratitude for all- not just the material but also for the emotions, the experiences. Gratitude changes our focus and helps us to see all that we do have.  Each day before you go to bed take the time to write down 5 good things in your day, remember them, feel them and be thankful for  them. There is always something-even for breathing, seeing colours, smelling flowers. Suddenly life becomes magical. Imagine going for a walk, and just walking for the sake of it. Now go on that same walk and look at each plant as if it was the first time, like through the eyes of a child, smell the air, listen to the birds. Feel the difference?

Imagine your life as a garden. What negative weeds of thoughts could you pull out? What flowers could you plant to make your year blossom? What daily practise could you bring in to nourish the soil?

Like to work more deeply with any of these ideas? Why not contact me on Facebook? https://www.facebook.com/myenergycoach, take a tour of my website www.raysofpositivity.org or drop me a line at positivityraysgmail.com.

Nicky is a Reiki master, spiritual teacher and happiness coach, running workshops, and retreats throughout France and well as individual consultations via skype.



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