Je suis Charlie..Je suis tout le Monde


Je suis Charlie…Je suis tout le monde….Or what’s really happening

So much has happened in France this last week and it has brought up so many, many feelings. People have been depressed, shocked, saddened, confused, and frightened.  And yet I see it from a totally different angle. I see no fear, no sadness, and no confusion, instead I see love. It all depends where we focus, we can either see the destruction and pain or the love that has come out of this. I was in tears seeing the love shared over the whole planet. If this had happened a year ago we would have seen violence in cities throughout France, protests, strikes in pressrooms, everyone separated in fear. This year however we see the world united in love.

Let’s zoom outwards. We all heard of 2012 and the end of the world…as we know it. We were moving from the masculine-power, man, fear, war, the head, thinking, reason, left brained, to the feminine- feeling, intuition, coming together, love, heart centred, right brained.  Since 2012 we have been preparing for this- hardship, problems, letting go, searching. The time has come for the flip over and we are here, going from fear and separation to love and unison. And the terrorist events in Paris marked this. The terrorists are still in the fear based thinking, they’re hanging on to the old paradigm and it sparked love in the new. Have you ever seen such love around the world at one time? This whole movement created a shift in the earth’s vibration too. We have all been lifted. And this year is going to be big. We can feel it already, the positivity, the relief, the energy. In Numerology 2015 is an 8 year meaning abundance  -in all- love, money, opportunity, it also ends with 5 and 5 is the number of change, mid way between 1 and 10.

So when you see such events, see the headlines, then leave it and zoom out to see what is really going on. Look for the positive.

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