The root chakra painting


This week I have been concentrating on the root chakra. This is the painting I intuitively painted. When I paint I have no idea what will be the end result, I jsut do what I feel. This canvas started off in a totally different way and has many layers to it. it ended up being black towards the centre which I felt was the fear fear factor, in a blocked root chakra, there is gold to represent prosperity and finally around the edge is orange. To me it’s moving from fear, opening the chakra to allow abundance and letting the enrgy flow into the orange sacral chakra.  As always at the end of a peice of work I feel emptied and clear. Funnily I sent a photo of the picture to a friend who replied that she needed it tso much as she was worrying so much about money right now and was going to mediate on it. Then on facebook with the same picture, certain friends who have NO idea about reiki or chakras, made all sorts of comments about ti resembling, shall we say, a certain hole of the body!!! I was shocked until someone pointed out that the exact reason for these comments may just be because of THEIR root chakras!!!! So the painting was having effects on people who had no idea.

Painting should be unplanned, without prior thought. Letting the paint flow. I often paint with my fingers as theres a real feel that the enrgy is flowing directly from me to the paint.  I turn the painting around, stand it , lay it flat. I see it as therapy and not a work of art.  If you would like to learn how to connect to your spirit through art please contact me here on my website or via my facebook page.

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