Painting to clear the mind

IMG_6126Painting is a wonderful medium for forgetting worries. Once we paint we are so focussed that worries dissipate in the paint box! We let our emotions free, we can learn to let go and just go with the paintbrush.  When I paint I have no idea what will do, no plan, nothing. My canvas is white before me. My brush- or even fingers are drawn to a colour and then I go-painting in spirals or lines, curves. Whatever takes my fancy, I will go over and over the painting until the desired effect is reached, and I don’t know what this is until I am there. It just feels right, balanced, complete.  If you paint at home try and let go of the outcome, just go with it, turn your canvas round and look from a different angle. Try new technique, new materials to paint with- fingers, toes, cloth, sponge, toothbrush, look around your home and try. Bring out the child in you! It’s so releasing and free to paint this way, not worries about details, right and wrong, mistakes, just like in life in fact.

Using certain colours too is fun- we heal through colour and this has a great connection to Reiki as our 7 main chakras have colours and we can use a certain colour to rebalance a chakra.

Reiki and Art are great ways to heal, release and relax. Your Healing Artist combines the two in one-one consultations online, workshops (online via skype and in person) and webinars

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