The connection between emotional and physical

IMG_7861I am now starting my free sessions with women who have long-term illnesses and having received their backgrounds on their conditions I am sure that they will go through some sort of healing through these sessions. Having read books from authors like Louise Hay, Joe Dispenza  (You are the Placebo), Quantum healing, Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief) I am convinced that our emotions affect our physical wellbeing. The symptoms we show in an illness are the cries of the spirit for help, that something is amiss, and there are more and more cases of spontaneous remissions from cancer when people turn their thoughts around. physical symptoms don’t just appear, especially the longterm conditions which are not contagious so why DO they appear? Yes we may be programmed in our genes but this does not mean the condition will appear, indeed many cases lay dormant so what is the trigger between those that do and those that don’t appear? Our emotions and our surroundings.  So this is one way to look at the onset of a condition.

Another way is how we look at it. I believe that everything happens for a reason and in everything there is something good, something to teach us to make us grow. We need to look at the illness and to see why it it’s there, what is it teaching me? In what way am I learning from this? We can also focus on what is right. If we hurt ourselves and focus on the pain, the pain gets more intense but f we move our attention to a part of the body that is pain-free, the pain weakens. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong we can turn our attention to what is right-the areas of the body not affected, how our life is benefitting from this. Being a spiritually minded person I truly believe that before we come into this life (One of many) we decide what will happen i.e. the major points in our life (law of attraction plays the part in the journey between two points), and so in what way did I decide to live this experience? What was the reason? This takes away all blame, bitterness, and makes us responsable for our lives. That we chose this in some way to grow spiritually and so somewhere there is a reason. It is hard for many to accept this but once we can take responsibility then we can begin to heal ourselves, not before.

Other reasons may be an emotional blockage-cancer is often a sign of a huge emotion being blocked, or a trauma being hidden. These emotions need to be released.

During my sessions with these women I hope to make connections and help them connect the dots so that they can move forward in their healing. Reiki can bring up emotions and trauma, it can release blockages, painting using certain colours can also free us, clears our mind so that fresh thoughts and ideas come through. I hope to help them by using affirmations, gratitude, positive thinking as well as the art and Reiki. I really think this will be an invaluable experience for all involved. I will explain breakthroughs and journeys here. Here’s to a new life to my 10 women

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