Worries and fears be gone

OpenmouthWhat if you could stop worrying? What if what ever situation was thrown at you could look at it without worry or fear? How would that feel? Relief?  How do you feel right now? How does your body feel? Where is that worry or fear in your body? How does it affect you? Does it help or hinder you? We all know that worry gets you nowhere, it’s like a rocking chair all energy spent to get keep you in the same place!

Right now there’s so much stuff going on planetary wise. Past coming back to visit, old worries coming up. Let alone situations like economic crises etc.

A few years ago I went through a lot of financial difficulties, I would be worried sick, crying like a baby, wondering how I would manage, how I would get through. But you know, I did. I am here to tell the tale. I got through and my feelings are in a totally different place. The Universe decided to spring a few similar situations back on me just to see and you know what? That fear ain’t here! It’s gone! I used to avoid the letter box for bills, now I go everyday expecting a cheque. That is HUGE for me.

Through all these moments I learnt so much And now I want to pass it on to you, to help you take the shortcut.

My private sessions via Skype are at low rates so that those who need it can afford it. Simple as that.  Contact me on this website or by email artandreiki@gmail.com

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