Update on my art and reiki for longterm illnesses

RejanepicWe are now on to the second week of this programme, of which most of my clients have autoimmune conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Psoriasis, Fibromalagia, Polymyositis.  It is a such an enriching experience for us all, including me. 8 per cent of the population suffer from an autoimmune disease and of those 8 percent, 78 percent are female. Could this be due to the fact that women have so many roles to live up to, so much pressure from a young age, to have the perfect body, to be a good wife, perfect mother, career woman, keep the home,that we forget the most important role- to be ouselves. As my clients open up so much emotion is coming up -anger, guilt, shame, powerlessness, and at the bottom of it…the lack of self love. We seem to forget ourselves or had to forget ourselves to play these roles.

My clients are finding a real joy in painting, bringing back childhood pleasures in painting just for the fun of it, or as I said to one client “Just for the hell of it”! No agenda, no goal, just paint. One client loved her painting for the first time, and needeSu Gonzalezpicd no approval from others (unlike previous paintings she had done). With the Reiki clients have felt a feeling of self empowerment that they hadn’t felt since being confined through their condition, others felt tingling in arms or legs, cushions of energy, or jsut deep relaxation.

I feel so humbled that these people open their hearts and lives to me, and all motivated to move forwards. On speaking to someone who is not attached to you, the client is able to talk more openly without being careful over her words and so emotions cone up, haha moments realised.  having someone to listen to you without needing to explain their side of the story is also very freeing. We work on affirmations to reprogramme deep seated beleifs and emotions that have been buried for so long, look at the positives of being at this point of their lives.

If at the end of the day, my clients find freedom through self expression in painting and learn to heal fromn within, realising that they have the pwer to turn their lives around then I will live a very happy life.

The paintings shown in this article are the first paintings created by ” of my clients. The first never normally uses colour, only greys and blacks and I suggested she uses some yellow for her solar plexus.She astounded me in her session by saying that for her next painting she wants to use lots of colour and no black! The second was given free reign has she hasn’t painted for 15 years, For her this painting represents the hand reaching to the sun, over a field. I do not enterpret the paintings, I just let the client express and interpret herself.

If you would like to know more how to work with me come and visit me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/Yourhealingartist, or my website www.artandreiki.net or email at artistreiki@gmail.com

I will be running a workshop on line “unleashing the artist in you”, you can find it here:


or via my facebook page.

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