Double wow! in coaching

Su pic 2“Just had the most incredible Art & Reiki session with Your Healing Artist, Nicky Peet!

All I can say is WOW! and then DOUBLE WOW! Thanks SO much Nicky! Your insights are amazing!”

I am so loving these coaching sessions, seeing the breakthroughs of my clients just brings tears to my eyes. In every session there are aha! moments and my clients are loving the creative part as many haven’t painted for years. The stories that come out of their work are also revealing and healing. This week was especially beautiful with one client deciding her Multiple Sclerosis didn’t exist, that she was in control, another found her path in life through talking, and is taking leaps and bounds out of her comfort zone, yet another realised she was capable of running an event she had set upand that there are always solutions to make things possible.

pic 2
So how do these sessions work? My sessions are split into three parts, Reiki, creativity and coaching.  We often start the session talking about how the week went, both physically and emotionally, any breakthroughs, and also about how the creative part went-how they felt during the process and what they see in their painting.

Elliepic 2We’ll then work on the clients emotions-voices in the head, affirmations, feeling from the past, how to love oneself more for example, and we’ll work through these. Next is a distant Reiki session where my client will simply close her eyes and relax in the comfort of her own home, and I will send Reiki for about 10-15 minutes. Yes Reiki works at a distance. Reiki is energy and energy has no concept of distance, rather like when you think of a friend and they phone you, or the simple use of phoning someone across the globe. Each time, I am astounded by the effects of Reiki at a distance, and am totally in awe that someone across the other side of the world feels it, and I can feel their energy too. After the Reiki we will talk about how it went, what came up and then we’ll tie the session up with homework- something to work on and a creative homework using colours  in accordance to the session-for example if there’s a lot of solar plexus stuff coming up- lack of self worth for example I will ask the client to bring in yellow to their next painting, to focus on this colour, the colour of the solar plexus chakra. I always end my sessions on a positive note especially alot of emotions can come up in our time together, some which can be painful, but the end is always positive!

If you would like to know more about these sessions and experience your own WOW! moment, please contact me through this website or through my facebook page.

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