May Reiki and Art workshop

Today’s workshop was a great success. 2 of the participants hadn’t painted since they were at school, One had wanted to get creative for a long time, another didn’t feel creative at all, whilst another worked in creativity. We started the session with Reiki. This meant that the women sat comfortably, closed their eyes whilst I sat and sent them Reiki during about 10 minutes, as I would in a distant Reiki session. On waking the results were magical as always. One woman saw muted colours in a swirling pattern similar to lava lamps, then a very vivid bright light coming to her. Another saw colour of purple, yellow and black moving in and out, she found the whole experience, which was new to her, extremely relaxing. The third felt her shoulders being relaxed and her hands being moved involunarily to a more relaxed position.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe then proceeded to the art table. As this was the first time for most we started with canvased roll. This is basically canvas without the wooden frame and is less intimidating then working on a real canvas for the first time. I told the girls to just choose a colour to start and try with different brushes, sponges etc to see what happens. They let rip! Painting what they had seen in the Reiki session, a real release of emotion. After a lovely homemade lunch in the garden under the Spring sun, we returned to the art table, this time with a real canvas! The results were totally different, complete freedom and release.

All the participants felt totally zoned out afterwards, so relaxed and emptied of all worry or thought, wanting to go out and buy more paint having realised just how relaxing it is to paint!

If you would like to take part in future workshops see my facebook page or contact me here

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