Amazed at my clients progress!

about_spiritual_counselingI started this coaching program without an end in mind, I just knew I needed to combine Art and Reiki, and went in with an open mind.


My clients are all accepting their conditions as part of their journey, that they can live because of it and not resist it, that the condition has a reason for bieng. One found for example that applying for disablity status, which she has always resisted, will give her time to be with her Autistic son, write her book, and to find herself. She let go of the fight with the “shoulds”, and realised the condition was in fact helping her.

Another couldn t go out in her wheelchair, being afraid of being seen and judged, she would be feel sick just thinking about it. Now she goes out without a second thought and LOVES it! She is finally living and enjoying life outside.

Yet another almost cancelled her retreat she had set up for fear of being tired, until we discussed and realised there were other ways, solutions, like having someone to help her, acting as her right hand

One has used her condition to help others in the same way, to connect and show others that life carries on and we can live fully. Spreading her light to others

Another lady has decided her condition doesn’t exist and any aches and pains are just that and not connected to her condition. She is taking control.

Then there are the results with art.

My clients haven’t painted since school, now they are finding they love to paint and that it really has therapeutic benfits of freeing the mind and relaxing. All have taken up painting as a new hobby. One, for my workshops, has enrolled for a Modern Art course at the local Art Museum, another saw in her painting what she was trying to express and the changes that were happening within her. One client used to need approval of her painting from her partner and friends, now she does them for herself, and also brnched out into Polymer clay, and jewellery making. All have seen the joy it brings just to paint for the fun of it.

Other results have been publishing a book that had been put away in a drawer until I told her different ways she could publish it and have it illustrated. One lady is finally beginning to see that she has gifts such as intuition, 6thsense,and channelling and that her heightened abilities are normal. She has found other people who think like she does and so finally learning to accept herself as beautiful and unique.

Then the benefits of Reiki distant healing-

All my clients felt deeply relaxed, some saw colours, others felt tingling. In my workshop one was completely astounded at the effect of Reiki after such a short time, totally relaxed, release of pent up emotions, finally letting go and has booked for a full session of hands-on Reiki.

I have found that the overall beneifts of this coaching is an acceptance of who you are, and where you are. That once we accept that we are in the right place and the right time, not trying to escape or resist the path we are then the magic happens.

If you feel you are in a negative situation, things are just so on top of you, and you dont know where to turn, or if you have an autoimmune disease, then this program is for you.

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