The importance of being creative

Being creative is part of us. We are born creators. Give a child a pen and he will draw, give her a paintbrush and she will paint. Take them to the beach and they will build sandcastles. We are born with imagination. Give a child a cardboard box and it will become a rocket, a car, a boat, a house. Give her a piece of material and it will be a princess dress, a den, a veil. There is no end to a child’s imagination and creativity. Yes even YOU, you who thinks you are you not creative- you were, but life got in the way. You were told to stop being silly, to be grown up, that art is a waste of time, that you’re not good enough…and slowly the creator gets buried under adopted beliefs.

So here I am saying I can help you find that creator in you. But why? What’s the point? Especially if you’re not creative, you’re not going to want to get out the paint!

Well, firstly it’s FUN! This is an immediate tangible benefit. When was the last time you did something just for the fun of it without having a goal or a reason? In my workshops I don’t ask you to paint something like a flower or a house. I just ask you to play with colours and see what happens, where it takes you. When we do something for fun, there is no pressure to get it right, to compare to others, so it ends up being relaxing. We get absorbed in the process and through that we forget the worries of everyday life. It’s an active meditation.

You might actually BE SURPRISED by what you produce. In every workshop I have done there is always someone who is amazed by their own production and goes on to enrol on a course, or take it up as a hobby. Everyone walks away feeling pleased and proud of themselves.

Then there are the long term benefits, the REAL REASON we need to get creative. And this is that it helps us in our everyday life. We see we can do things we thought we weren’t capable of doing; it takes us out of our comfort zone. Stimulating the right brain helps us to be more intuitive and creative in our work-think of new ways to solve a problem at work, we analyse less and learn to go with the flow more, again reducing stress levels. We find a hobby that will take us out of the everyday grind. Goodness you might even find a new career opening! It rebalances the brain, where we were working only with the left side of analysis and reason. In business we need to get creative to advance, think of new ideas, novel ideas, and think outside the box.

From my workshops you will also learn how to let go of the end result, to go with the flow and see where it takes you. In life this is so important- we can get so stressed about not reaching that end goal and then feel disappointed, whereas if we look at a goal as simply something that sets us in the right direction and to be open to twists and turns we will create a life that is beyond our dreams because it’s the Universe that’s guiding us to our highest good instead of us deciding what we think best for us.

There is honestly so much to learn by awakening your inner creator, and this can be done via my retreats and workshops in France or via Skype. All events include Reiki healing to dissolve blocks and allow the creative juices to flow.

For more details see the various pages on my website -why not take a browse and see what takes your fancy? Or hop over to facebook

Go on, unleash the creator in you, it’ll change your life!

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