Art Just for the fun of it


IMG_2881 I am pretty sure that if I asked you “Can you paint?” or “Are you creative?” The answer for most people would be “no”, excuses being you were useless at school, the girl next to you was so much better, impossible to paint a picture. Etc. But yet we are all born creating, as children we imagined stories, we coloured in pictures, drew, played with Play Doh…and never one minute did we say we couldn’t do it. We did it without thinking, without comparing. Then school came along, we compared ourselves to those next to us, we were all given the same project to which we measured ourselves. Sooner or later we decided we weren’t good enough and stopped.

I am here to tell you that you CAN do it! And that doing it will give you so many benefits. We don’t need to be Leonardo De Vinci. We don’t need to be an artist or make something amazing. We just do it because it’s fun. Through painting (and indeed other creative activities) we learn so much.

Start by not knowing where you’re going! Oh that’s scary isn’t it? Shouldn’t we all know where we’re heading? Nope! We can let intuition, feeling and emotion guide us. Just like in real life

Let go of getting right! Ouch! Yes there are no errors, no mistakes! Nope! Each ‘mistake’ helps us to lead on to something new. In my workshops I show you how to layer so that mistakes become part of the finished canvas

Let go of perfectionism and control.

Have fun! Paint with fingers, objects around the home, we can paint with so much more than a paintbrush!

Painting is also a form of meditation, we become so absorbed that we forget our problems, our thoughts are concentrated on what we are doing and our mind empties. The colours we use are also an important part of the process. The language of colour is very revealing,  in the colours we choose automatically, as is the healing properties of colour in that we can consciously choose certain colours to help us heal in a variety of ways.

Time and time again I see people who haven’t painted since primary school, come to life when they paint, and realise they can paint just for the fun of it, with no pressure or need to perform. Often the pictures they paint reveal so much about their lives. They stand back and see what they have painted and it can be quite surprising.

Give it a go! Go to the shops and buy some cheap paint. If you’re faced with a whit e sheet of paper and don’t know where to start, start with a stroke of your favourite colour, then add another. Add a swirl, a line a curve a flower and just go. If you block, turn the page 90 degrees and see where it takes you…

Let me know what happens… go on what can you lose?



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