Let your soul speak

IMG_5830-001Dreams-This is your soul speaking!

If you didn’t have to work for the money, what would you do?

If you won the lottery tomorrow, how would you use it to fuel your passion and serve others?

These two questions often get people closer to their dream. It gives us something to chew over!

Dream. Now when i mention that word, there are usually a number of reactions.

Firstly “I don’t have a dream, I prefer to live in reality!”

Secondly, “My dream?  Travel the world of course!”

and Thirdly “ That all my family is healthy”

Let’s take the first example. What if your dream became your reality?! We create our own reality, and so we can create that our dream becomes our reality. If reality is working 9-5 to help fuel someone’s else’s dream, to work to pay the bills, then where is the fun, where is the reason we were put here on earth? Where is the way to use our uniqueness to change the life of others?

Travel the world-that is on everyone’s list! But if we created our dream we could this maybe. Travel the world is great but where is serving others to improve the lives of others? Isn’t that just about fuelling our own curiosity?

My family is healthy-this isn’t a dream, this is reality! And what is healthy, why do we become sick? We often become sick from unresolved emotional issues (more about that on another blog post).

So what do I mean by a dream? For me dreams aren’t about having flashy cars and a big house, though of course they can be within the dream, because of the dream but not part of the dream itself, they are by-products. No, a dream is about using our uniqueness, our gifts (And by this I don’t mean being gifted as such, but that little spark that fuels you), to benefit others. Fuelling our passions to share and help other people improve their lives. Dreams are about letting our soul speak so that those around us hear it. It’s about those passions that get you out of bed (no not THAT passion!!) and looking at how to use them. Once you find out what that spark is you can begin to build it into something real.  It’s creating something that is YOU, that when people see your dream they see you, they see your soul speaking. That’s a dream. It’s your purpose, your reason for being.

Now let me ask you again:

If you didn’t have to work, what would you do?

Let’s find that spark together and make a fire!! Want to know how? Drop me a line here

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