Hitting your head against a brick wall?

At some point in our lives we hit a wall. This moment is when we feel there is no point. That the world is against us, there is no solution. We are hitting our heads against a brick wall, and it hurts! We are CONVINCED that the only way is straight on however straight-on doesn’t work but we still keep going again and again and again. But the solution isn’t straight ahead! All it takes is a change of view point. If only we turned our view we would see that it isn’t a dead end but a corner and to the side is another path. All it takes is to change our view on the world. Look at the situation from a different angle, take a wider view. In every situation there is a positive and a negative and when we reach this wall it is often because we are focusing on the negative. Change your view and you will see the road ahead taking you to new places. In fact a new direction is just around the corner…12743811_10153498360537635_2321655950102438339_n

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