No dream? No problem!

DSC00876Often I ask people “What’s your dream?”  But deep down I know that’s not what I am really asking. Deep down, I am wanting to know your purpose for existence.

We need to start living life on purpose, with a purpose. What does this mean? It means giving it direction, meaning. It means sharing what we have inside of us to benefit others.  That is the real purpose. Don’t die with the music still in you as Wayne Dyer said. Life is about sharing and helping others.

Dreams are big and we can get so focused on the end dream we don’t see the miracles happening on the way, we miss other possible dreams coming along the way. We miss the real purpose we are here.

We need to start serving to benefit others- our partner, children, family, community, work, the world. If you do your job do it amazingly on purpose, give each day a purpose, a direction, do it the best you can and believe me it will change your life.

Living your life with purpose is like setting your GPS. We don’t just get in a car a drive anywhere with no direction. No we get in our car and decide where to go. Some may drives 100’s miles for holidays, others may just drive to and from work, but we all have an aim for the journey.

What’s your journey today?

Need some help to find your purpose? Click here

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