How love got me to let go and trust.

a6e0fb8871ff99bc6faaba8377277ce9Since I got divorced  7 years ago I decided to join various online dating sites.  It was fun, meeting new people, it boosted my confidence and got me really discovering what I liked and didn’t like, what worked and didn’t work. Over a few years I had a variety of relationships, short and long, good and bad, but all of which taught me so much about myself, where I needed to grow, to heal. Last year seemed to be the most intense with so much incredible growth sometimes a lot of pain. It ended in a very gentle relationship which went nowhere, and by the end I had had enough of love and relationships. It was then that I gave up looking. Enough of dating sites, enough of looking, I was sick of dating.  I’d just get on with my life and leave it up to destiny to bring me what I needed and what was right for me.

Two weeks later I was on the phone to an old friend, something seemed to flow, and after putting the phone down I realized there was chemistry between us and I really missed his voice. Minutes later I received a text from him saying my very thoughts. Very quickly things snowballed. It was as if someone had given me a key that opened a door to paradise. With every word he said my love grew stronger, with every sentence he ticked another virtual box in my head, the feelings were reciprocated, and within days we knew this was IT. We hadn’t seen each other for 5 years but we knew and felt it.

But this blog isn’t about my love life, it is about giving up control  and allowing the Universe to bring you what you need. I realized through the dating game I had been controlling the situation which is why I never seemed to find the right one, as I was making the choice, and not allowing the choice to come to me and once I gave that up, love came.

This, I feel, is how we need to live our lives, to stop chasing  to have something,  but just to be. The importance is being not doing. Being happy, joyful, thankful. The idea is to be working on the vibration of your energy, always moving up to higher vibrations of energy, and just allowing. Keep moving forward, without striving.  In doing so the Universe brings to you all that is needed for you at this time. If we are endlessly striving for goals, for this and  for that,  we are no longer in the presence of now. It’s like driving a car so fast down the motorway that we don’t see the beautiful countryside, we miss the interesting villages. We need to start slowing down and enjoying the now.

We can intend on a direction, like for example, to have a loving relationship, we need to put the intention out there, and work it into our everyday life, by making space for love for example, or getting out and having fun socializing. But to go chasing after the dream will just take it further away.

The same for your life, we can intend for direction, for example to live our passion, and then just do what you love doing with it. Just be happy doing what you love, but don’t strive so much that you miss opportunities on the way. I have found that the more I relax back with the intention the more opportunities come to me out of the blue. As an image see it as strolling down the country lane, picking flowers on the way to your destination, maybe someone will come and give you a lift for example, instead of driving at full speed down the motorway and seeing nothing.

This is where Dream boards work- putting out the intention and then getting on with life in the best vibration possible.  This reminds of the vision I was given during moments of difficulty. A vision of handlebars. I was told to let go of the handle bars and just peddle!

During my coaching sessions this is exactly where I come from-not the classical reaching for goals, but from an an energetic point of view, being in the now.

So go on, go for that stroll through life and let the magic unfold!

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