The power of “I am sorry”

Sorry-NoteMagic words- we often hear about saying thank you and Gratitude, but what about that other word, “I am sorry”? Yes this one is also huge!

Saying sorry is more than just apologizing. Saying sorry is admitting we were wrong in our action or behavior. And once we admit we were wrong we can open up to the possibility of change. We are taking responsibility for our actions and our life. It says I have the power to change and create from change. Those who will not admit to being wrong however think they are strong when in fact they are victims of life. Everyone is wrong at some point, and if you think otherwise then maybe your ego needs a check! When we do admit that we are wrong (when we really are) then we lose power. We believe that life happens to us. That we have no power and we cannot change. Therefore we will always make the same errors; we are hamsters on a wheel wondering why life doesn’t get better. We expect change/happiness to come from a windfall (lottery, gift etc), that the new job, new town, new friends will MAKE us happy. We do not see that if we allow change from within we will be able to create the life we desire, we will find happiness within and stop turning to outside factor to fill that need.

The ones who think they are strong and resist change within themselves will find themselves crushed by life’s circumstances.

Unfortunately those who really need to say it will be the ones who will never see it, and always blame everyone for their problem. Their boss, a person in the street, a friend, but never themselves. It can also come from sheer lack of confidence as admitting we are wrong feels like admitting defeat (but is in fact the opposite). The ego takes over,  persuading us that we are strong, we don’t need to change and of course we’re right! Unfortunately this also then has an effect on the body as we resist change…

The ones who admit they were wrong will look at themselves, see where they need to improve,  work on themselves and take steps towards creating positive change in their life. Life is so much easier because we know the change comes from us. We take responsibility and own our power.

So next time just remember the power of “I am sorry”. It might just change your life…

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