How colour can deeply effect you

For those of you who know me I LOVE colour, especially turquoise! My artwork is a rejoice of colour in harmony, so when I was inspired by a client of mine to paint in Black and White only, I found the idea refreshing and somewhat of a challenge! I rarely use white and never use black in my art work, so this was huge for me . I was also motivated by a status I had put on Facebook about positive and negative thinking and saw obviously the relation between this and black and white.

20160810_094105I started by covering my canvas in black. At first I used a large sponge to cover widely, and then I went in with my hands!! Now normally I use just my right hand but this time both hands dived in! My fingers began to draw 2 halves of a heart, then a like a figure of 8 (infinity symbol). Suddenly, being faced with a mass of black, I began to cry, emotions coming up from the solar plexus, I felt like a I wanted to be sick. Whilst ‘swimming’ in the black I had the feeling of staring into unreleased fear and darkness (I didn’t feel the need the need to know exactly what, just the need to release).



As it began to die down I needed to bring in the white to soothe the black, light healing the dark so to speak.   There was more to come up so once again I turned to the black, this continued until I felt enough had been released. It was time for the black and white to be as one on the canvas.  My Vortex pattern returned as did swirls as the black and white danced together, with a feeling that one needed the other in order to shine.  Grey also came into play as a balance between the extremes. My canvas isn’t finished yet, and I will be intrigued where it takes me.


In our life dark and light exist together in day and night, positive and negative, highs and lows. We need the contrast of the dark to shine our light. We heal the dark by shining a light.


A friend of mine whose life is contrasted, by his high sensitivity to energy, with large highs and lows in emotion and is drawn heavily to grey as a colour. I realized that this grey helped him to balance out these mountains and valleys of emotion, the grey is middle ground, a merging of the two polarities.


Working with colour we don’t normally use can be very revealing for us and a real challenge. I never used yellow and recently painted one for someone whose living room is in yellows and golds. I found it so hard to find harmony and I know that my solar plexus chakra ( yellow in colour) still holds blocks to be released (whichwere also released during the black painting). The enxt time you paint, start to be aware of the colours you DON’T use, or avoid, hate, and bring that into your painting.  Start to be aware of the feelings you have with certain colours both in painting and in the environment around you.

If you would like to know more about colour and its affects or how to start painting, why not drop me a line or pop over and see me on facebook  www.facebook.com/yourhealingartist

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