Ego versus Intuition

Are you following your ego or your intuition?

The last few days have been heavy, working through ego related issues with my Twin Flame. In Twin Flame relationships, the twin is a complete reflection of you, as you are the same energy, and so what shows up in the other is what you are not wanting to see in yourself.

It got me looking at myself and looking for where I was coming in ego. What do I need to work on, in myself? I realized that I was expecting reactions of the other, I was needing their attention. The role of TF relationships is to lose the ego in order to work totally from spirit to be raise the vibration of the planet. Needing and expecting from another is Ego. My feelings depended on his reaction.

This inspired me to write an article on Ego versus intuition.

ego1So what is Ego? Ego to me is like that little Gremlin that lives on your shoulder whispering to you to do stuff that’s against your spiritual wellbeing. It’s head based thinking, and comes from fear. Fear of failing, of not being enough, of not trusting the process. It separates the body from others, from the spirit, from God.  It is demanding of others, expecting of others that your happiness is dependent on their reaction. Ego is outside-focused.

When I get ‘x’ then I’ll be happy mentality.

EGO is self-centred, interested only in filling its own needs and is never satisfied.

Ego will do everything to keep you from spirit. It wants to block it out so that it keeps in control.

Ego needs outside stimuli (money, status) to feel good

Ego says “go on, one more won’t hurt” “have another chocolate, glass of wine” “don’t do sport, you know you’ll get tired, you know you don’t want to go”

Ego says “write music then you can make lots of money”

Ego needs external results to feel good. Money, possessions, top job. These come from needing to look good, to feel superior; it needs outside proof of feeling good.


INTUITION is heart based. Intuition looks for happiness inside, it feeds the spirit and the soul

Intuition, heart based thinking says “those fruit are good for your body, one glass is all you need”, “sport is good, feel the fresh air on your face”

Intuition wants to do something because it’s good for the soul, for the people.

Intuition heart based thinking says «write music to share your soul, let the people be inspired through your words”

Intuition heart based thinking will help you develop inside first in order to benefit the outside. Happiness within. Inside-out.


So how do we come into heart based thinking? How can we switch from one to another?

Put your hand on your heart and ask “is this good for my soul”. You’ll hear the answer from your heart.

Before you make decision, breathe, deeply through your nose (parasympathetic nervous system) to relax your body and mind. And ask the question.
downloadIf someone is regularly coming from ego, the scales need to be tipped. We can’t switch off the ego but we can retrain the mind and that is through spiritual practice. Ego is non spiritual so we need to redress the balance.  Meditation is a great place to start. Even if it’s 5 minutes a day. Your ego will resist at first. It will shout in your mind, it’ll give endless chatter. It’ll find ways to tell you not to do it. Do it anyway. each grain of sand we add to the intuitive side will begin to redress the balance.

I like to think of ego as a naughty child. We can’t ignore it otherwise it’ll scream louder. We mustn’t give it too much attention or it’ll want more. Ego is fear based remember, so reassure it. Just say ‘I hear you but I am doing it anyway. I am in control. All is ok.” Little by little it’ll stop shouting. Do a yoga based practice. Yoga isn’t just about the movement, but how you approach the movement and stay with it.

You ego may always be there, ready to fire when you least expect it. And the ego has a purpose. It helps us be aware of our fears. Just don’t let it run the show!


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