Law of Attraction 2.0

Sitting writing a blog about 2017 and I just had this feeling for the energies and the Law of attraction that I had to start a second blog and write about it before finishing the first !

So 2017 things are going to change. The energy is different. You’re going to manifesting from a different perspective. Vision boards based on what you want, or what you think is right for you is going to feel so old school very quickly. Don’t get me wrong this approach we needed in order to teach us how to do it, and to open us to the Law of Attraction. But it also feels very “I am in demand here”. It’s time to clear up the energy of yours- if you haven’t started already because the lighter and cleaner your energy is, the higher its vibration and the quicker you will manifest. (Lighter energy travels quicker) (If you would like help with this don’t hesitate to contact me for a session to release trapped emotions).

You’re going to manifesting big time through feeling and emotion – many were already doing this, but this is going to be at the forefront now in so many ways. We really need to be getting to a place where we are able to set how we intend to feel and allow the universe to give that to us. The Universe knows exactly what we need to feel that emotion and what will work best with us. This is going to be about being at one with the Universe, like being that floating twig on the river, really going with the flow and seeing where it takes you. It’s about so much of enjoying the present and letting go totally of the outcome. 2016 especially the latter months, has helped to clear the way, for the new energy of 2017.

Letting go of old belief systems, and old negative emotions that pull us down is going to be really important now in order to be able to move forward more quickly and to get to where we want to be. Old heavy emotions weigh us down, slowing our path forward. They also act as dirty filters so we can’t see as clearly where we are going. Old beliefs and ways are just not going to sit with this new cycle. It’s like having a new car with an old engine!

Energy healing can really help with clearing the energies. Reiki helps clean the energy , re-balance it and remove blocks, Emotion Code will work on releasing trapped, negative emotions as well as target negative beliefs to release. The both prepare you for this next incredible cycle already starting. if you would like to know, contact me here

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