2016 Annus Horribilis?

3d Jahreswechsel von 2016 auf 2017

Everywhere I read people are complaining about 2016 and what a horrible year it has been especially with all the famous people passing. Did you find it hard? So many problems? Ok so let’s look at this from another perspective.

In numerology terms 2016 2+0+1+6 = 9. 2016 is a 9 year. There are 9 years to every cycle. 2016 is the end of a cycle. Endings feel messy. We have to let go of people, throw things out, and give things away. But it has to be done in order to let in the new.  We have had to let go of so many emotions, old beliefs, people, and jobs. And letting go can be painful especially if we don’t want to.

Now let’s put this into a picture. You are having a HUGE clear out. There’s a HUGE mess! Stuff you’re chucking out is all over the floor, Wallpaper torn off the walls, furniture thrown out on the lawn. Now, anyone walking by would see a mess, “looks like a bomb’s hit it”. But for you it’s a clear out ready for the new. Well this is 2016! We have to start taking a more global view of life, zoom out and see what’s really going on rather than looking at the tiny details. Once we do this we stress less as we see what’s really going on, and we don’t trip up on the tiny cracks in the pavement anymore.

So what about all those celebrities passing? It seemed like every day we woke up, another famous person had gone. For me, I see it like this. Celebrities we all see, we get attached to them, and they are part of our memories. We saw so many going we had to learn to let go more easily. It has also helped us to accept death and that life is fragile, we need to live it NOW, not wait. We have no idea when our time is up, so we have to live our life on purpose, and to the full. They have taught us a great lesson.

To leave 2016 we have to let go of the old stuff. Beliefs, Emotions, ideas not serving us. In December I had a big shift. Bouts of crying. I was crying as if I was mourning in would come over in waves. It happened twice. The first time I let go of grief from past lives and the fear of abandonment which showed up in my life as jealousy which  has haunted me all my life. It cleared, in one conversation, one sentence and something clicked. Gone. Crying gone. Belief gone. Second time was all myself doubt and self love. I found myself staring at a picture of me, saying to myself how horrible I looked, and what I want to do would never work, I didn’t “look like” that type of person!!! A huge cry and within 24 hours the belief went off, up in a puff of smoke. These set of beliefs would really hold me back in 2017 so they had to go. Gone.

So 2017?  2+0+1+7 = 10.  1+0=1

2017 is year 1. The start of a new cycle. And this cycle is set to be big! Old ways are out. This is so much going to be about energy and vibration, being in tune with how we feel and want to feel. Putting out there how we want to feel and allowing the universe to match that for us. It’s about being part of the energy and being in tune. It’s about accepting who we are, and loving ourselves for it. The Law of Attraction will no longer be about “what I want” or “what I think I need for me”. No. Different ball game now! This is about how I want to feel, how may I serve and allowing it to come ( whilst obviously putting in the work). It’s working with the Universe, knowing you and it are one. And really get you there, your energy needs to be lighter, you need to put in the work to clear so that the energy flows freely rather than being blocked by heavy emotions. (if you would like to know about this, click here.) We have already being doing this, but in this next cycle it’s going to really take importance. It’s a case of really coming out of the head and into the heart.  To live your soul’s purpose.

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