oh no! Trump!


The world waited with baited breath as the election results came through in the US. Oh no! That blond wig got in! A wave of panic filled the world and not just the US. Then on 20th January reality hit as he was inaugurated.

Friday 21st saw women coming together in their millions to demonstrate in the US (and everywhere around the world in support).

I have said from the start with D. Trump that he is purely a manifestation of all out hidden fears. Let me explain this more deeply and just how this happened and what good will come of it.

From a Law of Attraction point of view we attract from the energy (emotional) we give out, the vibration of our energy. It isn’t purely thought; in fact thought is only a tiny part of manifesting.

We carry within us emotions that we don’t want to see, our own negative emotions that have become trapped during a negative moment in our lives, as well as those inherited from generations before (it can go back hundreds of generations). If these emotions don’t get released, they weigh us down and interfere with our manifesting, or rather in the manifesting that we desire, as we will always manifest!

So if we zoom out from our own self and see the whole of the world, we see a collective bundle of trapped emotions. Emotions as a mass of for example, fear, anger, and violence. We see buried negative beliefs on racism, sexism, violence that have come down through generations. These have been buried, ignored, boiling at the surface. And those beliefs run our show! They are the hard discs of our computers. We manifest from them. And Trump is a global manifestation of everything we are frightened of. And this is a great thing, believe me! I will explain!

When someone like D. Trump appears in such  a position it brings all these beliefs and emotions to the surface. To be released. In this wave of negative lies the positive side. That in order for the world to change we need to release these emotions in order to finally bring balance. Obama before him helped to heighten this by being the total opposite. By being the opposite in so many ways he highlighted the depth of these emotions. Think of the higher the mountain the deeper the valley.

Now if we had had Obama or someone similar once again in office there would be no reaction, no release.

Now let’s take a look at the women’s March that happened yesterday, the 21st January.  In 2012 it was announced to be the “End of the World”, it was simply an end to a world of masculine energy which equaled power, violence, money, war, attack. In 2012 we changed to feminine energy of intuition, working in groups, and feeling. Take a look at the cinema film releases, how many female heroes are there today? Incredible! Nearly every film shows a woman being the hero. And the March that happened yesterday was yet another huge sign of this. Women coming together (this is where our strength lies) peacefully, to raise awareness and protest. That it is time for women; Women to be equal, that we have rights and a place in this world alongside men. Thanks to Trump this March took place, and that collective energy was HUGE. The collective energy given out all of over the world by these women WILL have an effect at a very deep level. And this feminine energy isn’t just about women, it’s also about bringing out the feminine energy in men ( we all have both energies), so that begin to get in touch with their feelings and intuition.It is their time too.

Trump is the catalyst for change that is happening in this next cycle, for 2017 (2+0+1+7=10, 1+0=1) is a year 1 in a 9 year cycle. A year of change, fresh starts, and new beginnings.

I am not going to say it is going to be plain sailing. It isn’t. Big changes need overhauls which can mean mess ( like redecorating your house), but let’s zoom out and see this as a collective. We are part of that change, and we all have a part to play at our own level, in this change. At your own level you can start to release your own negative emotions and beliefs. This will shift your vibration and manifesting ability and in turn will have a positive effect on all those who interact  with your as your energy will be higher. If you would like to find out how, and what my energy coaching sessions include, just drop me, Nicky,  a line for a chat. http://www.energyandemotion.com

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