What grabs your soul and sets it on fire?


I have recently joined an amazing website and community called Live your Legend to really build my crew and motivation. Part of this joining up was a 7 day blog challenge and today is day 1 of writing a blog on anything, however I was  lost for ideas then an idea came to me, write about what you love.

I just have this fuel in me right now, like a tsunami, full of all that I know, and yet to know, that I want to get out there and share to the world. My energy is bursting, so much that I really don’t know where to start, so I guess instead of finding the start, just do it and see where it goes! You see having a passion, isn’t always that easy, it’s like literally living with a tidal wave behind you all of the time, except this tidal wave is in your head. You want to tell people about it but there is so much to get out that you’re afraid it’ll come out in a tangled mess, like opening a tap on tsunami!

How did I find my passion and what is it? Well I think my passion found me, or rather has always been part of me waiting to come out. You see your passion isn’t something on the outside; it is this thing you are born with. This nugget, that you came here with except you hid it in the darkest corners of you, waiting you for you to shed your light on it. It is within you, waiting. It’s like this parcel you put in your rucksack on the way to earth, to open when you are so hungry…

My passion? Happiness and art. I have always been told I was the sunshine, always laughing and positive, as was my dad. I believe this is a huge gift within me. Helping people find an inner happiness. To light that light within you that keeps burning through the darkest of times. I am known, and sometimes accused as being lol, Mme Positive. It’s just the way I am. Art too has always been there, in the sidelines, waiting to burst out at the right time. I see, however, that art isn’t there necessarily for me to sell but to use what I know in helping you…help you find happiness through art.

But how does what I do help you to find happiness? It kind of knocks away the stuff that is blocking the happiness within you. Like a chisel knocking away at the rock to let out the light. What is the rock? Negative emotions, old beliefs that’s don’t serve you. How do I chip away? By allowing you to express yourself and let go through art,  by releasing trapped emotions through energy work, by affirmations to change the beliefs, by coaching to fuel you to let out the light to the world. Simple as that. Through this blog I hope you’ll catch a glimpse of the passion and fire I have within me to help you. Because if I can help just you, change your life for the better, just by changing the way you look at your world, then I am living that passion. I am doing what I came here to do. and that is to give what is already within me to help you live your life the best you can from where you are now. I am not here to make huge promises of great wealth (though that can be), I am not here to say you are going to be the greatest ever. No I am simply here to say I can help you change your life from where you are by chiselling away at the rock and letting you shine your light with the world.



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