Anger! How do you handle it? or how does it handle you…?

She's reached the end of her rope!Day 2 of my challenge with Live Your Legend, and today they set me the goal of writing about anger and what makes me angry. I spent most of my free moments trying to think of what makes me angry, and I found it a real hard task because I rarely get angry! I used to but now very little, so maybe I could write this blog coming from a slant about anger and why I don’t get angry!

One of the principles of Reiki is “Just for today don’t be angry”, and this fits me so well. You see, to me getting angry is a place of judgement. Anger is the difference between what we expect of a situation or person and what actually happens. That believing that what we believe is right. However everything is a just a point of view, there is no right or wrong, just a difference. I used to get angry if someone was late or if I was delayed through someone else’s actions. Now however I see that maybe this delay happened for a reason and something better will come of it.

If I get angry it is more often during a disagreement with my partner, however I now stand back and see what that anger is. What is being triggered within me, what is that anger showing? I go general and see the bigger picture. Once I do this any negative emotion diffuses. It’s very strange for me to say I get angry.

What about if you get angry easily? How do you diffuse it? Sport is always a good way of course. Taking distance and looking at all points of view, why did the other person do what he/she did? What caused your anger? And if you looked at the situation from a neutral point of view, what would you see? What is being triggered within you at a deep level?

Anger is not a bad emotion; uncomfortable emotions are simply signals that we are away from centre. Take them as they are without feeling bad!

One thing; Do not judge yourself for feeling anger! I am not saying don’t get angry or that angry is bad. All I am saying are we needed to look at why we get angry and use it to look within ourselves. There are times when anger is necessary, and anger needs to be expressed rather than suppressed. Anger is also higher in energy vibration than say depression or despondence as it’s an emotion that allows us to take action and move on up. Used in the correct way anger is a powerful emotion that creates change.

If your anger is often easily triggered then it maybe you have a trapped emotion of anger. Emotions become trapped during a stressful moment when we feel sensitive. Once it is trapped within our energy field it can be felt more easily. A session with me to help you release this would be highly beneficial, as not only will we release the emotion to I will also help you to see into the anger and see what is being triggered at a deep emotional level.


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