Blog challenge day 3 What do people thank me for?


Today’s challenge is to for me to write about what people thank me for, or rather what I love helping others with. Now I think the hardest thing here for me to do is to put it into words but I am counting on my passion to bring it through in a coherent fashion!!

I have released, through my ‘day job’ as an English trainer coach, that I love helping people see the good in them. I have always but always had this desire, this innate feeling and gift of seeing the good in EVERYONE. And I mean everyone. We are born pure, full of love, without judgement, belief or fear. And life takes over and covers us with a huge filter through which we act. I see behind that filter. I catch a tiny speck of light (and even the darkest of people have this light), and I grab hold of it and increase it. I never let go of that speck of light, and if I can’t see it I will look at it until I do. I feel I help people see their own light so they can increase it themselves. I remember when I used to teach English to junior school children. I would find the worst one of the class and it would be my mission to help him feel loved, make him feel good so that he would walk away with a bigger speck of light within him. As an English trainer my students come to me with a fear of English (which they need to speak for their job) and I feel it is my job to help them lose that fear, not only increase their level in English but also coach them to feel good about themselves.

This is why my day job has been fundamental for me because it brought out what was within me and realised this is my gift which I now use throughout my work and my day to day living. My aim is that whoever comes into contact with me, walks away feeling better. Under every person’s image, however negative, is pure love and light, and I am driven to find that within you. This is the strength within my coaching, that you come away feeling better about yourself and therefore the world. That you are so much more than problems life throws at you. That YOU are this incredible being, that has a gift that can be shone in the world.

If you would like to know more about my coaching sessions and how I can make your light shine so much brighter, take a look  here and here

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