Yesterday I met up with an incredible woman, a fellow artist who also runs art workshops like me, with the slant of using art as a tool to help others. We work it in different ways but with the common theme. From this incredible meeting we have decided to set up our first art exhibition together! This is one of my goals this year!

So how did I meet this woman?

This is where it is so good to look back and connect the dots. 12 years ago my youngest daughter started school. In her class was a Swedish girl and they became the best of friends. Her mother became my first friend in France. She took me to a Scandinavian restaurant café in town where I met the lady who runs it, Birgitta. Birgitta is a beautiful soul who I really connected with, since she too is in to energy, angels and all things spiritual. Last year I saw on face book that Birgitta shared a post of her being interviewed by a man who films positive people making a difference in the world, I contacted him and he put me on his website, “Les echappées” to promote what I do. One day in January I was looking at other members of the site and fell upon Dominique, who does exactly as I do, I was so excited to see someone who thinks like me! I emailed her saying I would love to meet her and she was over the moon. We met and the rest his history!

Another story:

About 9 years ago my brother introduced me to The Secret. I hadn’t heard of it before and through this and searching on line, I fell upon Sarah Centrella, now bestselling author and creator of the #HBR method (Hustle Believe Receive). At the time she was climbing out of darkest moment, penniless and using vision boards to help her. She was, to me, the Queen of VB’s! I followed her blog, read every word she amazed me. Then I found her on FB and we connected. One day Sarah announced that she wanted coaching clients to practice on; I jumped and became her first ever coaching client! Encouraging her to charge for her incredible service as she turned my life around, she did, and then set up her first boot camp, once again I jumped onto her first ever HBR boot camp. That was a life changer as I worked with her through the method which became the bestselling book (in which I am mentioned). But that is not all! Through this boot camp I met some incredible women. One woman found my name for my business and coined exactly what I should be doing with it! Then I met with my crew, my spiritual family who live in Denmark, the States and South Africa. These women boost me, inspire me and are there for me every step of the way and this year we are meeting for the first time in person. All because I started following a blog…

The point of this little story is to say, that everything we do matters, though we don’t know how until we look back.

And that for serendipity to occur we need to get out there and interact, whether connecting on line or in person. Serendipity doesn’t happen by doing nothing, it happens when we jump into life. What serendipity has happened to you? How has it touched your lives? Drop me a line and let me know!

If you would like to know more about how to get out of YOUR hell hole, why not connect for a free chat and see what we can do together? I would love to connect with YOU and see what serendipity happens with US!



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