Blog challenge day 4 Ooh la la!


Well today’s prompt from ‘Live Your Legend‘ was “What was your proudest moment? What are you proud to have accomplished?”

Aside from my beautiful daughters of course, the one thing that springs to mind is my move to France.

You see this is something I had wanted to achieve from a very young age, 10 maybe. Every year (since about the age of 9) we would head on holiday from the UK to the South of France. My parents scrimped and saved all year for this 2 week holiday, my Dad lived for those weeks. Those 2 weeksa year planted a seed within me> During those weeks we would meet french children on the campsite, get introduced to french families, be invited for meals, I would hear french and have glimpses of french live. Each time we returned to the UK I would feel my heart had been ripped out and left in France somewhere. Back home I would hear french people and want to “return home”.

As a teenager my bedroom walls weren’t covered in pop idols but in everything french ( I didn’t realise I was in fact creating my own vision board), from Bonne Maman jam labels, to postcards, to paper bags previous used for croissants, and posters of provence. I surrounded myself with my dream. I’d listen to french radio day and night (as would my dad in the car). In a school essay we had to write about hoz we saw our life at the age of 30- I wrote that i would be living in France, married to a french man with a 2CV. I remember being obsessed with a french song on the radio, it became my favourite.

At the age of 13 I went on a school exchange programme to France where I stayed alone in a french family for 2 weeks.The older girl of the family was so hip, a amtress on the floor, leopard skin throw on it, pink curtains instead of a door.She put on some music and it was MY song! I was overjoyed as suddenly I realised that what I was listening to at home was REAL! I had been obsessed with a frenchsong that was IN FASHION!. Something lit up within me. That exchange programme turned out to be incredible. I was involved in the preparation of the said girl’s wedding, from shopping for clothes, to creating the ‘pièce monte (traditional wedding cake made of profiteroles)to decorating the place. I went on my first mobylette ride, ate dandelion leaf salad, got taken to classy french cafes and so much more.

At school I was top of the school in french, I obsessed over the subject and was the only exam I never revised for. From the age of 17 I began looking for ways to get to France. Grape picking, language courses, au pairing, anythin I could do to get over the channel, however nothing worked out due to money or logistics.(Looking back it obviously wasn’t the right time) I joined a french society, where we would meet and speak french, it was mainly older people but I didn’t care. I wanted it so bad.

Then university came, installed in halls of residence, I saw that there were 2 FRENCH guys in the same hall!!!! DREAM! Well to cut a long story short a romance started. A BIG romance! So much so that a few years later he moved to the UK and we got married (now divorced)and had 2 children….and we moved to FRANCE! At that time my dughters were 3 years and 6 weeks! I packed and sold our house when I was pregnant! Timing is never perfect!!!!

In 2001 we moved to France. It was a strange feeling leaving the UK and staying in our hotel until we moved into our home.

In no man’s land.

And then we installed ourselves into our home. I remember standing on the balcony hearing the french church bells in the distance, and suddenly realising that this was it. I was living my dream. I had done it. But it was a huge haha moment because I had been building this for so long, dreaming it, imagining it, that it just felt normal. I was here.

It’s only now i realise the power of my actions, that I was truely living the #HBR Method Hustle Believe Receive .

Now I am building my next dream as an artist and coach. once again my wall is filled with my vision board, and I knoz it is coming, using the same technique as I did  to get me to France.

If you would like ;ore inforamtion on hoz to live YOUR dream and just how those vision baords work, why not drop me a line for a free chat?




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