I asked for a gift from the Universe…Serendipty 2.0

I am slowly coming down to earth from an incredible weekend, still in awe of what happened, that I ust had to write down and tell you all. Maybe you will think it is nothing, maybe it will inspire you. For me, however, this weekend was a gift from the Universe.

Serendipity. 2.0

Last year at a Christmas fair for English expats (where I exhibited my paintings and what Ido), I met a woman, an artist, who invited me to do a workshop at her event to celebrate women and art for International Womens Day. Of course I accepted! Well this Sunday, March 12th was the date. I had to drive 2.5 hours to get there. This alone was a challenge for me as my car is, shall I say, suffering from arthritic problems!!! I also realised I had been living in my comfort zone because of this, never driving very far in fear of car problems Before leaving I asked the Universe (after having read the first few chapters of E2 by Pam Grout) for a gift, something unmistakeable but beneficial for me. I was not to be dissappointed!


Driving 2.5 hours in the rain I finally arrived, knowing nobody , except the organiser who showed me where to set up and then introduced me to the lady who would put me up for the night. Turns out she was Australian and I would be staying in her airbnb accomodation OVERLOOKING THE SEA! Gift Number 1 (see later)

I was then  introduced someone else, a refugee from Afghanistan, who who helping out. I met an angel. This lovely 20 year had stayed in the Calais refugee encampments, been beaten up by french police and laughed at by the homeoffice for simply wanting to be with his family. We talked and laughed. This young man had a HUGE heart, who, like me, sees that everone is born in love and in perfection, that the answer to the world IS love. That life is a a game and the answer to winning is through love not power nor money. Sunday he totally rejoiced in being able to interact with people as SOMEONE and not as a refugee, someone to serve and give. I had crossed the path of an angel.(gift 2)

Slowly but surely I began to chat to the artists present, open up and share my word. Before long 6 people wanted to paint in my workshop. 

Once again the paint became a way for people to communicate and become themsleves. Stories told, memories shared. In English and in French. Reiki was also requested! Tables cleared and tidied ready for me to do a group Reiki healing session  requested by 5 other women. (A nudge from the Univserse to get back into Reiki!!)

Well the day went into evening and one artist who I met stood up and a gave a conference on art and healing. I wanted to cry. EVERY word she spoke was like me speaking. She said everything I have been wanting to convey. For me this was a message from the Universe to say that I am on the right path and to “go girl and forget the fear”! Gift Number 3.

Eventually, after lots of (french!!) food and wine the evening came to a close and I headed off to my room for the night…On arrival, my house was overlooking the beach and at FULL MOON. Pure magic!!!! My room turned out to be a bed made for princesses. You know those matresses that eat you up as you lay on them, huge fluffy feather pillows and linen sheets…. HEAVEN!!!!!! I had never had such luxury!!! Gift number 4.

Morning came and something told me to open the curtains….. onto  a balcony…and oh goodness!!! Just  as I opened the curtains the sun was rising…OVER THE SEA!!!! I could have cried, standing on the balcony, listening to the waves, watches the sun come up. Was this real?!!! Like  a child wanting to jump with joy, I climbed back into  my incredible bed, fluffed up my pillows and realised… I could WATCH the sun rise FROM MY BED!!!!! By this time I was beside myself!!!!! For some of you, you may be laughing at the simplicity of it all. For me this was a Christmas that money just couldn’t buy.

After a lovely breakfast overlooking the sea, I headed off, blue sky overhead, to make the most of the hours ahead of me before going home, and motored off to Cap Frehal, a palae I had visited a couple of years before in the Winter. The Universe didn’t let me down with my gift number 5. Specatular views over headspinning cliffs, blue sea and white frothy waves, warmed by a glorious Spring Sun.

I sat on the rocks and cried at the beauty of it, and realised I was also crying at the letting go of fear. That I was releasing lack of beleif and confidence.

This weekend started off so simply, I ran one workshop. But that is not why  I came, and it is not what I took  away with me. I came back knowing finally who I am, what I have to give to the world IN FULL CONFIDENCE and that the Universe gives, listens and is totlally there for you.

I could have come away from this weekend expecting gifts of a material kind from the Universe. I could have come away feeling dissapointed at not making a sale. but no I came away feeling SO rich, abundant and full of heaven on earth.

Everything is  gift, if only we choose to see it….

What gifts were you given today?



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