What happens when you jump out of your zone



I just had to write and tell you about Live Your Legend (LYL) and my Meet Up event the other night.

I have no recollection of how I stumbled across them or that I even looked at Meet Up, though maybe it was after a Meet Up weekend festival in Nantes. Meet Up I found, was like Facebook but for real! OMG the choice of groups! LYL Had me though. “Change the world by doing what you love”. That’s me!

Walking into a room having no idea what to expect is often a daunting prospect, and after taking 15 to try to find the building, I walked into a room full of people  eating, drinking and in full conversation. “Is this Live Your Legend?” I enquired? Welcomed with a big yes, I found someone to talk to (It was also her first time), and breathed I sigh of relief. I was surrounded in fact by  lot of new comers, some with projects, some looking for their Legend and others already on their way. We all had one thing in common. A desire to Live something from the heart. It was such a god feeling to be surrounded by people who were motivated, positive, inspiring. We were ushered to a huge long table (Spread with nibbles to the energy flowing!).

“So let’s do a round-the-table” to hear the why you’re here”. Gulp! I never like these moments, as I fumble words, go red, and feel a thousand eyes on me. As it got to me I was so surprised that I spoke with confidence, IN FRENCH, and passion.  Later everyone said I sounded like I do it all the time, so sure!! They couldn’t believe it was a first for me. I DID IT. Damn I was pleased with myself!  And I knew this had been helped by the fact that we were all in this together, I felt the love and support immediately within the group.


After, we were instructed to slit into groups of 4 and discuss the problematic of setting our limits within our work. Lo and behold n my group there was an energy worker!!! However she began to monopolise the conversation, talking about herself, and her lack of ego!!!! That always makes me laugh!!!! Very subtly I took control of the situation and turned the conversation to a young girl n our group. Turns out that she had created her company (and got awards for it) and was totally submerged by work. I ave her a couple of pointers which she took on board (and said at the end of the evening that piece of advice was the one big thing she wanted to take away with her!!!). Once again I was so pleased with myself that I had taken control of a dominating woman, and helped out someone else. I had never felt so confident so quickly. I knew I was in the right place.

To top it, 5 people came up to me and said they wanted to speak to me at the end!

Back to the table we shared our views then had a “coaching” moments where Laure, the Meet Up leader (and coach), gave us pointers and valuable snippets of info, to help us with limits.

After yet another round-the-table where I said that confidence would be the one thing I will take home that night, those 5 people QUEUED UP to talk to me!!! OMG! Asking about energy healing, absolutely wanting to meet with me because of my energy and positivity!

I don’t think I have EVER felt so in my place, with the right people> Positive, open, smiling, chatty, motivated FRENCH people! I had found my crew with Live Your Legend!

This week had been such a week for pushing my comfort zone. In the pace of a few days I had

  1. Met up with an artist I didn’t know but had contacted on the off-chance as she does what I want to do
  2. Driven 2.5 hours in my little old 206. This for me is a lot recently as I had lost all confidence in my car mechanically ans was scared of driving far in case of breakdown
  3. Walked into a room where I knew no-one  where  would be running workshops and came out with amazing contacts
  4. At the same weekend sleeping at someone’s house I didn’t know (which turned out to be the house of my dreams on the beach!)
  5. Drive 2.5 hours home again
  6. Walk into LYL night with people I didn’t know and have to spark up conversation
  7. Talk in front of 25 people
  8. Talk in a small group with people I didn’t know and give my opinion (big one for me that)

And I can tell you jumping out of your comfort zone is the best confidence booster ever.  I felt so good after that I event that I felt I could do talks on happiness to groups of people in French, no problem! I am so eager to get to the next meet Up!

What have you done to get out of your comfort zone lately? Why not tell me in the comments below?



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