So this happened when I painted

How do you paint?

I mean do you dive in?

Do you plan? Do you think? What is your style?


Well you know when I paint,  I normally dive straight in, having no idea where I am heading, I only know when it’s finished as there is a harmony and balance with the colour and form. I will paint several layers, building up the painting and its energy.

Yesterday I did one such painting, not on a canvas, just on paper, for the fun of it. I paused and thought “And if I did this differently? What if I asked a question to my higher self, and see what comes?”. So that is what  did. Right now I have so many ideas that it freezes me. The trouble with being creative is that! My brains fires on 6 cylinders and sometimes I have trouble focusing on ONE THING.

So yesterday, instead of standing to paint, I sat. Sitting is calmer, I am closer to the paper and so my area of focus is smaller.

Then I approached my paper in the same way as when I draw mandalas. One step at a time. Focussing on one brush stroke at a time, the way the brush glides over the paper, the way the paint glistens and reacts to the brush and paper. Paper horizontal, I started to draw an eye shape. Then the eye got lashes in a way. Curvy lashes that sprawled. Details  were added, and I stayed on 3 colours, teal, turquoise (as always!) And gold. My favourite combination.

I filled the page with feather strokes and lines. When the page was full. I turned the page to see what the final result was…


As you can see this is NOT my normal style                             which is more like this:


But do you see what I see?

I see an angel!

I was pretty gobsmacked!

I mean I had started out with the question that I was stuck , and needing guidance. I started with an eye and that happened! A clear sign to me I am being guided by angels and to let them guide me, I am not stuck!

I shall continue to try this technique, and see what else comes through. See what happens when we treat painting as a meditative practise? It really does give us the answers we search, and not to look for “something to paint” but be guided.

Just remember one stroke at a time.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of art take a look here















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