Why I love this company

Back in 2012 I tried working as a part plan consultant for a well know UK organic brand that I will mention later. This was my second attempt after first trying with the now obsolete Virgin Vie cosmetics.

And that was the problem. Twice I failed because I tried. I played, I treated it as a hobby and not a business. And you know I had those beliefs in my head of client hunting, not wanting to sell, feeling bad about asking for money etc etc. How can anyone run a business on that attitude?

And then recently I began looking for an opportunity to have anothe income – never rely on one source as they say. Whatever company I looked at, somethng felt off key, didn’t fit my ethics and beliefs…I came back full circle and ended up at the beginning!

This company is Neals Yard Remedies. If you don’t know them, they are UK’s leading organic company, all based on aromatherapy and their vision is :

“Our vision is to bring the expertise of the apothecary and our holistic approach to health and beauty to people and communities.”


I totally believe in this company and that counts for everything and of course I LOVE their products! Goodness who doesn’t!

Then I read a post on facebook about direct selling and it really nailed it for me, this is the excerpt

Sometimes I see negativity about network marketing careers so I just wanted to have a quick heart-to-heart with you. 💕

When you buy supplements from GNC, you are helping Michael Archbold make over $950,000 a year. When you purchase products from me you are helping pay for Megan’s American Heritage Girl, Jayson’s guitar lessons and homeschool activities, church camps, mission trips, swim lessons, our mortgage, etc. and I am forever grateful! 💪🙇🏼

When you buy MAC make-up, you’re helping Fabrizio Freda’s 5 year compensation to grow over $17,780,000. When you buy Younique Cosmetics, you are helping a mom to pay for her daughter’s dance class or pay a utility bill.

When you buy leggings from Victoria’s Secret Pink, you’re building Sharen Turney’s compensation to over $10,645,000. When you buy clothing from a LuLaRoe rep you’re helping a mom pay for her child’s dance classes or t-ball. 👗

When you buy scented wax and warmers from Walmart you’re building the Walton Family legacy. When you buy Pink Zebra you’re helping a mom be able to stay home with her kids and still help her family pay bills.

The direct sales market is growing! Support those who choose these careers just like we would support you in yours. You’re helping buy groceries, make a house payment or make dreams of a vacation, college or retirement come true!”

And so when i set up next month with Neals Yard Remedies, you will be helping me build my dream of freedom, freedom for my daughters to have their education, freedom for me to be able to increase my knowledge to help others through Your Healing Artist, freddom to be able to work where I want, even on the beach so that I have time for my family and to invest in my future.

To live my life on purpose helping others and allowing them the best life they can live. Inside and out and if I can do that with a company whose values are the environment and it’s people then it’s a win win situation.

If you joined with me what would it give you? What would be your why?

So I am already planning my events to launch my business ( and not a hobby) and this time I want you with me, so that you too can have that freedom and your why (and smell divine at the same time!)..and there is a special joining offer in May (that’s why i am waiting!)

So watch this space for some gorgeous smellies coming your way! I might also be bringing in the essential oils to my painting workshops for inspiration..


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