A thought to mull over whilst eating that chocolate egg!

imagesHappy Easter everyone. Today for me it is a celebration of transformation, rebirth, that difficult times means simply change.  Like a baby being born, the birthing canal squeezes the baby so hard it deforms the skull, when the caterpillar emerges from its crysalis, its wings are crumpled and it feels pain as the circulation rushes into its wings , when a chick hatches, the  egg cracks, there’s destruction, and of course Christ ressurecting after being crucified. All these are incredible symbols of change and transformation. And in each one we go through what seems like pain or destruction.

These last 2 weeks, the run up to today and especially around the full moon, have been very tough on many of us, myself included. But if we learn to see that these difficult times are for us. Always. It is only against us if we resist the change. If we lose our job then it is because the Universe is conspiring FOR us for something so much better. Look back on your life and see what came after those difficult times and that in the end your were in a so much better place than before.

Accept, let go, love. We came from love, we ARE love. Remember we are pure energy. And everything that happens for us is guiding us back to that love. It is either showing you where you need to love yourself more or where to give more love. Anything that feels off is simply saying “go towards love”. It is a simple but powerful navigation tool.

The same for change – it is stearing us towards a place closer to love than you were before. Our ultimate goal is to return to love, for love is where we came from. Each time we veer of course it nudges us back to love. Even pain is simply a place in your energy that needs more love, and when I share Reiki I am simply giving love, giving your body  a bucket full of love to repair the emotional wound.

So during this Easter time, remember what Christ was really showing us. that transformation leads to love, that we must sacrifice our egoist thoughts of things not being fair, that the world is against me, that once we let go of this resisting change then we live in eternal love. Where would we be if Christ had resited being crucified? Whatever religion you may be (and I do not fit in one religion, as I believe we are all one, not separate), look to see what the message is for you (it may be different from mine).

As you munch your way through those chocolate eggs, think of the transformation you are going through. And we are ALL transforming, always. why not let me know how you are transforming and what you are going through.

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