What would you want to tell me on this bench?


Thank you for giving me strength!

“Your words have helped more than anything, to see the positivity in situations.” Hayley P

“I find your words totally inspiring and uplifting and I just want to thank you for sharing your positivity. It really helps me when I’m feeling stressed…or need reminding about what real values are. “SS

“You enrich my life with your positivity.”

Nicky Peet is the most incredible woman. Since I started working with her my life has been completely transformed.  She is a gifted teacher and healer and has helped to guide me to my true self that’s been hidden under layers of fear, doubt, and anxiety for most of my life. Her reiki has helped clear up blocks that I have been unable to clear for years. She’s amazing” Sarah B. 

“I find your words totally inspiring and uplifting and I just want to thank you for sharing your positivity. It really helps me when I’m feeling stressed…or need reminding about what real values are. “SS

So often in our lives we wish we could just sit down with someone, tell them our problem, and they listen without agenda or judgement. A shoulder to cry  on, an ear to listen.

That maybe they might help us see things froma different angle, or maybe say “you know what, in my tool box next to me I might have something that could help you”.

Friends and family listen but they so often end up talking about THIER problem, or because they might be involved in the slightest way, they judge you or pursuade you. Imagine you had this burning desire to do something, a dream you had since you were a child. They might disuade you through their own fears, bring up their own insecurities, or be envious in case you SUCCEED. All these personal issues stand in the way of listening to you. In the end you walk away confused or feeling unlistened to.

Well that’s where I come in.

Imagine us sitting on that park bench and talking about YOUR problem, YOUR life, one hour dedicated to YOU.

009_ALV-HPB1307_1And you know that tool box?  well in fact it’s more of an artists tool box, because you and me have one thing in common, we both LOVE creating. I  mean after all we are all born creative aren’t we, and I know you have that desire to be more creative!   Well this box is full of fun cool stuff like creative activities that might get your juices flowing, paintbrushes to put colour back into your life, amazing tools to release emotions blocking your path, it has bright coloured yellows and oranges  to help paint the positive in the negative, the light in the dark,  I might even pull out a tool such as a writer’s pen so you can re-write your beliefs. I can even provide you with a canvas so you have a go at imagining your life.

But do you know the 3 most important tools in there? A huge ear,  a big shoulder and a ginormous heart.

For years you know, I have struggled to fit myself in a box, trying to call myself a coach, but I felt totally fake saying it. I realised this is not what I am, that gives me a label on what you expect from me, or maybe get you thinking that you don’t need a coach. It also stops me being myself, and I am, well what am I exactly? Someone to sit on that park bench with you, that after our conversation, we both walk away happy. You feel happy because you really do feel better, listened to, understood, and walking away with a spring in your step and a lighter view on life. I feel happy purely because I have helped one person feel better. And that’s ALL I want to do. And you know, after we leave that bench, you go your way and I go mine (probably fee a few ducks on the way lol), but I’ll l send you a quick message a while later just to check on you and see how you’re doing. and that is sometimes ALL we need. Not 3 months of sessions, not commitment, just to talk.

Come and sit on the bench. I’ll bring a flask of your favourite comforting beverage, a box of tissues and my artists toolbox! (and some bread for the ducks!)

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