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How to reach for your dream

13332867_10206546545846703_2072151166752801126_n.jpgMy second guest blogger is someone I met during an art weekend in Brittany.  The day I met Isabelle Barrandon, she had given a speech to the audience present about how she sees art, and frankly she had me in tears. Here in front of me was someone I felt was speaking from MY soul, ever word she spoke were words that could have come from my mouth. I love her energy, and the way she looks at the world the way I do. A free spirit. Isabelle is french, based near the Cap Frehal and so this is her first guest blog she                                                           has written in English! So congratulations to Isabelle,Enjoy!

The Law of Attraction and your dream

Nicky launched a call some time ago on FB to find out if it would interest someone to make an article on her blog about the law of attraction or to talk about a similar topic.

Immediately I answered positively because the law of attraction I know it and even, I know it very well!

Isabelle, how can you say that? Everyone seeks and wants to master the law of attraction and you, you say that you know, are you sure ???

I have read books, listened to videos on the subject, like everyone I have searched and searched again. To live in abundance is the dream that everyone wants to achieve isn’t it?

I looked for a long time without realizing that I was mastering perfectly this law. I looked for it again and again because the abundance described, or the one I had imagined wasn’t there

However, I had everything I wanted. Some time ago I came across a trip to the Red Sea to go swimming with the dolphins, cost: 2000 euros! I don’t have this sum but I WANT to go there! It I need it!. Well you know what ? I leave at the end of this month of May and the sum came together like magic !!

I am sure you will ask me “How did you do to make this dream come true?” I must say to you though, without wanting to minimize this trip which is very important for me, that it is a very small dream if one compares to all those I have already reached!

My dreams:

I wanted to put work for myself. I did : I created a restaurant !

I wanted to have a mare: I had a mare.

I wanted to have a meadow just for her, and a workshop to work there and realize my dream of being an artist: I had the meadow, I have the workshop!

I wanted to have a foal and do endurance on horseback : I did endurance and bought the truck and everything and everything to go my endurance races!

I wanted to do a bed and breakfast in a large house : I created a bed and breakfast in a large house that I renovated!

I wanted to stop this lucrative activity despite big monthly deadlines and live from my artistic activity: I did and I went on to sell my production on the markets!

And for two years I decided to do only my work as an artist: Yes, I have succeeded and very well!

So what is the magic of the law of attraction?

I’ll give you a few keys.

Set your intention

First, you have to know what you REALLY want. To be so sure as if it were a matter of life or death! The universe needs to know that your real desire is not  just a futility that will vanish at the first difficulty. Moreover, it should not be believed that one will not be tested because there will be pitfalls that will have to be overcome and this is NORMAL. A child who begins to walk falls, correct? And fortunately for him he gets up and starts again otherwise we’d be a number of grown-up to walk on all fours! 😉 If you really want it you will insist.  Think of the child who wants a toy, will he give up the first NO! of his parents? Or will he insist?

Believe in your intention

Once you know what you want, you have to GO FOR IT! That’s all, there’s nothing else to do and then things start to happen.

If I have a very important recommendation, it’s to speak only to those who make their dreams come true and especially not to others who will dissuade you, you will fear or tell you that it is not possible, the naysayers! What do they know? Have they tried?

I say it loud and clear: Everything is possible.

Work towards your intention

Be careful not to think that it will come by itself. Of course not, when I wanted to open up my crêperie, for example, when I was not a merchant’s daughter but a civil servant, I did not know how to make pancakes and I was anything but an accountant. I had to learn to cook and to know how to do a server work because I had only worked as a secretary or other office jobs and above all, especially I had to overcome my fears to succeed

Overcome your fears

Then my third key is to overcome his fears, to me the most important point to share. So how do we do it? How does the paratrooper jump off the plane that very first time? He jumps. To to be more attentive and careful,

however I would say that the best way to overcome his fears is by learning to know yourself, learning to accept yourself as you are, and therefore learning to respect oneself is the third key. How do we get there? By doing personal development, seeking, reading, developing your creativity..that will open your horizons.


For me, working with clay and working with colors allowed me to really learn to observe, to learn in order to know the person behind the image that I saw in the mirror each morning. I do not know if you look properly at thin the reflection in your mirror that appears every morning. Look at it properly tomorrow morning, and if you have the opportunity to practice an artistic activity learn from what you will produce and accept your creation. You are on the right path.

I just wanted to add one thing, if you have an idea, a desire, a deep buried desire let it burst to light because if it is there you have the power to realize it.

If it is there, it is that you have the duty to realize it.

So when are you going to start respecting yourself and loving yourself deeply? When will you let your inner child take back the place that is his and live as if it was the most beautiful day of your life.


Live as if it was the most beautiful day of your life, every day of your life.

I love you.

Sincerely Isabelle

Stage de peinture, Stage de modelage




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