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How oils fit into an emotion session

Emotion Code Sessions

Emotional Release with Emotion Code is a method of identifying and releasing trapped emotions that block us from living a fulfilled life. They act as weights around us and become trapped in our energy field during moments of stress. Different emotions are also produced by different organs and when this emotion is over stimulated it in turn over stimulates the organ causing health problems.

Releasing these emotions helps to improve our health and wellbeing, give us a clearer vision of life and our path and increases our energy.

Such sessions work on either a specific target such as pain, or an area of life. However when there is no pain I often in a first session I tend to start generally and then get more and more specific once the client sees how it works, or something comes to light.


My Clients needs

Today I shall talk about a client who came to see me this week.  I had no idea previous to our session  of why she wanted to see me.

Choosing doterra essential oils prior to a session

Before each session of Emotional release with emotion Code (or Reiki), I intuitively choose oils to diffuse with my clients before they arrive and before knowing their needs. For today’s session I chose Kumquat, Ginger, Vetiver and grapefruit. I really hesitated over Spearmint but to be honest I can’t take the smell of it ( I know there is an emotional block there for me..) and left it aside.

My client came in, and we talked about her life, her problems, mainly about her block in moving forward with her work. Whilst releasing emotions it came to light that her parents didn’t support her in wanting to create her own business, and felt crushed by their opinions. She also felt that there were so many negative people around her and that she needed to quieten her voice for fear of being judged. I had these feeling of her belittling herself almost to the point that her views didn’t exist due to the overpowering effect of others views.

She also had a fear of speaking in public, even to small groups, again for fear of being judged and this need to silence her voice. All whilst we were talking she had her hand around her throat area, often a sign of blocked throat chakra

My client told me that she had an autoimmune disease which affects the digestive system and in particular the colon.

She had worked in London in her early years, and on returning to France, her native country,  felt stifled by the lack of positive energy. She also had to return to her parent’s home before finding her feet. During the early days she had difficulty swallowing and digesting and it is during this time that her autoimmune disease started.

Now let’s look at the details.

Kumquat Doterra essential oil


An uplifting  oil that is also great one for the digestive system and immune system which I guess is why I went for this oil for her, due to her autoimmune disease affecting the digestive system



Grapefruit Doterra essential oil


Also an uplifting oil (my client needed boosting!) and works on accepting one’s body and the emotions behind weight. My client did not mention weight so I have a feeling this was really about cleansing the mind of old habits, and uplifting the mood.


Ginger Doterra essential oil

Fresh Ginger root

 Now this hit home! Ginger is THE empowerment oil which really helps us stop being victim and take responsibility for our lives; it says ” I AM here!” and this is exactly what she needed. to affirm herself and her views!



Spearmint Doterra Essentila Oil


Then Spearmint! The oil of public speaking! This one really shifts the blocks in the throat chakra. It inspires clarity of thought and confident verbal expression. Those in need of this oil may hide their thoughts, opinions and ideas by withholding ones voice; It is especially powerful when speaking in front of groups of people, and give stage presence and confidence ( taken from Emotions And Essential oils book from Enlightened Healing)


emotion-chart-174x300_origNow when I do a Emotion Code session I use a chart, like the one here. I began to release afew emotions, and they were nearly all in row 4 (except 2 in row 5).

Do you see the organs on the left….Lung or colon…Remember what I told you at the beginning? that this client suffers from an autoimmune disease effecting her colon! She also told me later that she does suffer from urianry tract infections ( row 5).

Negative emotions are produced in our organs and so when we suffer from this emotion it creates the very problem in that organ. This is the magic of Emotion Code!


We released in all 10 emotions in this session, with some emotions being absorbed from other people and another inherited down through the generations. My client was amazed at the accuracy of the session, and felt very tired after, which is totally normal.

In fact post session people can experience feeling lighter, reduced pain, clearer vision of life, they can also feel their old emotions more during a few days as they are released. Long term people feel so much lighter in general and pain does not often return.

If you would like to book session with me why not see my schedule or send me a message if you would like to know more



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