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How oils help you with creativity

I haven’t painted for a long time.

Yesterday I really felt the need to release under the energies of the new moon as so much as been happening lately, emotionally, and I needed to get into a place to let go of some emotions.

Remember this time of painting is concerned with the end results, but on the process, the process of allowing emotions to come up, to be expressed. It isn’t about enterpreting or judging the end  result, but allowing it to be as it is, the way it was expressed.

On a blank paper I wrote the beliefs that I wanted to release ( all around self worth) and drew symbols which, to me, represented those. I put some Gassho on a plate and intuitively chose Doterra Forgive oil (!) to add to the Gassho, and painted it over the beliefs.  As I did, the tears began to roll, and words came out, forgivng those who gave me those beliefs, and forgiving myself for taking them on as mine. Tears flowed as I watched the beliefs dissappear. With a drop of Forgive in my hands, I covered my heart chakra and sent a prayer of forgiveness to myself.
Then came the next layers, with Doterra oils which I picked intuitvely) of Frankincense (letting go of false truth, lower vibrations,), Wild Orange (abundance) and Black Pepper (omg Black Pepper is about letting go of beliefs and learning to love yourself!, releasing buried emotions!).

I found myself painting the infinity symbol.


Remember this type of painting is not concerned with the end results, but on the process, the process of allowing emotions to come up, to be expressed. It isn’t about enterpreting or judging the end  result, but allowing it to be as it is, the way it was expressed.

Once finished, the urge came to draw a cross within a circle, similar to a medicine Wheel used by the native indians. During self Reiki sessions I have found my upper body swaying and drawing this symbol in the movement, so I guess I intuitively use it for healing.





 SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe DoTerra oils I intuitively picked out  (I picked them with my eyes closed!) were ZenGest (digesting emotions), Grapefruit (accepting your body as you are), marjoram (restores trust and connection, releases the fear of rejection),  and Spikenheard (oil of gratitude, and allowing one to accept the abundance that is around them, letting go of victim mentality). Each section was painted using a different oil.


It is such a powerful experience painting with essential oils.

  • the oils chosen intuitively are incredibly revealing in the emotions (I refer to the book Emotions and Essential Oils from Enlightened Healing)
  • the colours chosen intuitvely are also incredibly communicative (relating back to chakras, and emotions)
  • As you paint, the scent of the oil is incredible, helping you to release emotions as you create
  • the vibration of the oil (DoTerra oils have an incredibly high vibration. As I held Rose oil for example for the first time, i could feel the vibration through the bottle, amazing), stays in the paint and will continually be released. Hanging the resulting artwork in your room will continue to heal you through its vibration
  • the oils help release and unblock your emotions so that the creative process is even stronger
  • Essentials oils stimulate the limbic part of the brain associated with emotions and memory, once again helping you to paint from an emotional level
  • it makes the whole process of painting an incredible experience


Next time you paint, have a go with using your oils, even just one ( but choose them eyes closed for added fun!!)

To find out more just click here for the oils and here for more information


7 thoughts on “How oils help you with creativity”

  1. Oh, wow! I have never thought about using essential oils as part of my painting progress. I have a huge collection of oils. I will definitely try incorporation them into my art now. Very interesting!

    1. Judith, that’s so great to hear! Definitely try them, choose them without thinking. They really shift things big time! Take a look at the emotions behind them, you’ll be amazed at what your intuition chooses. Let me know how you go!

      1. I have a bit of grapefruit essential oil at my easel now. I thought that would be a good way to approach art with a pleasant mood. 🙂

      2. oh fantastic! Grapefruit the oil honoring the body! Respect and acceptance for our physical body. Helping us detach from body obession (dieting), and creating a healthy relationship to food.
        I am just writing a blog on my latest painting and the oils used!

      1. Yes, I love my essential oils. I’ve been doing more drawing than painting lately, so I haven’t tried incorporating them with my paints yet. I’m really “tuning in” to the fall season, so I’ll be getting out all the fall colors and using them in my landscapes. I might add a bit of cinnamon oil or a drop of ginger oil. Maybe clove and allspice. I’m loving this!

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