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Why Doterra is a unique business

Creating a business takes time and effort.

We are driven by our passion and our why. The path is never a straight and easy one. It’s filled with twists and turns, road blocks, and obstacles. Building a business in Doterra is an incredible journey. It isn’t like other direct sales companies where all that matters is sales and increasing the team, just to get the free holidays, the car.

Nope Doterra is on a totally different level.

It isn’t about the money, the free holiday or the flashy car. These types of businesses are like any other corporate. the top ones do it all for themselves like the CEO of a company whilst the lower ones struggle to climb.

Doterra on the other hand is about building a community.

And each and every one of those who reach the top use their commission to build something to give back to the world, centres for alternative health, community projets. And they do it by building up their teams. They acnnot do it alone on figures and volume. The ONLY way to climb in Doterra is by helping those underneath to climb too. If those underneath don’t move up, those above don’t either. It’s a team effort where the important people are those at the lower ranks.

Getting to the higher ranks isn’t just about the team either. The oils and the way the company structure works brings out your deepest beliefs. The oils, as we know, work deep within us, and as we use them (which is why in Doterra we make a monthly order so that we really use and know the oils) they bring up stagnant emotions and beliefs. For me it is akin to a spiritual awakening. They are life changers. At first we move through th motions, building and sharing,and then at a certain level we hit the wall.

The Block.

The one where we can’t move forward as if our feet are stuck in cement. This where I am at. I want to move forward but I can’t. My resistance comes up big time. My ego does everything to put a spanner in the works.

And then I watched an innocent video on the sourcing of Copaiba. The minute I saw David Hill and Emily Right I felt my why.


That we are here with these oils to improve lives. Everyone’s lives. From the  person who grows and harvests the plants for the oils, to their family and community with Doterra’s Co-Impact Sourcing , all the way to helping you change yours with better health for your family and home. In each bottle you hold in your hand you feel this incredible love. You feel the lives of everyone touched by the oils. Watching this video brought me right back to the why I am doing this. Why that lies beyond my own personal why. The why of a mission that it’s time that we make choices that impact this planet with such positivity , that every choice we make will impact the smallest to the biggest. That when I buy a bottle of oil, I am holding the heart of the person who harvested the plant in my hands. and I can tell you that the bottle of oil you buy from the local shop doesn’t  hold someone’s heart but some CEO’s bank account.


THIS is why I chose Doterra.

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I am holding a person’s heart in my hands, a person across the other side of the world, who’s lives are changed because of me. The butterfly effect


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