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Why is Apple different from Microsoft?

You can feel it can’t you? When you see an Apple store, touch an iMac, when you see iPhones in films. When you ask “where’s my iPhone” and not “where’s my mobile?”. Why millions of people queue up for the new iPhone release. You feel at a deep level that there’s something bigger going on. It isn’t just about the image or the technology (although this is great).  I had a computer, went to a Mac book and then due to personal circumstances had to sell my mac Book and return to a cheaper computer. Oh my goodness the difference was huge! and I am not talking about the image. I am talking about the difference in the energy between the two. The feeling. And this all comes down to the why. You see Apple started with a why and carried this why through its products. Microsoft however wanted to sell computers,and it changes everything. Simon Sinek explains it here in his video and in his book here.

So when I started working with DoTerra I found the same feeling, in comparison to other essential oils I have always used.  Doterra started with the Why, the need to help as many people as possible and to create a legacy of change. The oils were the carrier for the why.

Other companies want to sell oils.

The oils have HUGE benefits and the energy vibration is through the roof (you just need to hold a bottle in your hand to feel it). But what I have found along my journey with DoTerra is that this is  a massive soul journey. This isn’t about selling oils, or making profits (although income is truly incredible in this company). Sharing the oils of course is important because for every oil used is one less chemical in your body. Imagine the impact this has on your life?


Chemicals weaken the system whereas oils benefit the system, boosting it in so many ways from boosting the immune system, releasing blocked emotions, stimulating the brain, clearing and detoxing and so much more.

Taking a step back from DoTerra

Recently I took a step back from DoTerra, because I needed to really soul search and take a distance, and this is the beauty of this company. It allows you to be just where you need to be



The Hero’s journey

It allows you to really go with what you soul needs. I am not someone who goes at something at full pace non stop. I am  more like the sea, coming in waves, sometimes with huge crashing waves, sometimes with quiet ripples, other times riding high on to the beach, other timid small waves, and this is how I live my life. I didn’t realise this until I joined DoTerra which to me is akin to an awakening journey. As my upline manage, Petah Jane Aukland says ‘resistance is futile’! And it is! I cannot resist my soul’s journey, nor what it tells me and certainly not these oils! They carry to places you have never been. I needed to sit back, take a view on my life and where I am and where I want to go. and I know this will happen often


This slide I photographed at a Doterra event really captures it! You see right now I am coming out of my pit right there at the bottom! and it isn’t the first time I have been there on this journey!

Once you realise where you are you can really let go and be carried to where your sol wants you to be. I can tell you that in this pit, I got straight in my head, tried to resist the oils and I just had to work through it until the light started coming back in and dropping slowly back into my heart.

You see you cannot and must not compared this to any other company and certainly not to any other MLM company. It is like  no other. The way the company works is built on self-development and is built on a way that totally empowers YOU. You cannot just sell, go up the ranks and bingo! Oh No!! You build, pause, build yourself, build your team. there are ranks you CANNOT go beyond unless you really do the inner work. You have to work through your blocks, face your shadow. It is spiritual development in a bottle! and if I don’t go through this and come out, how can I help my team who will go through the same?

So if you are ready to start the journey with an incredible company, if you are ready to awaken and work on yourself, then why not do it through oils that will help all your family and in return, leave a legacy for your children? Whilst also helping the people all over the world who grow these oils and are paid directly with no middleman and helped hugely by DoTerra who provide them with schools, healthcare and shelter and well as endless other work this company does (which is a totally other blog article!) – you can read about DoTerra’s co-impact sourcing here


If you would like to know more about joining Doterra why not send me a a message or see here. 

I would so love you to join me on a jounrey of self discovery and see you life change!



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