About me

2016-08-06-10-36-52-1Hi and welcome, so glad you found me. Let me spend afew moments introducing myself. It’s important I feel that you know about me as working with me involves opening up, and that means me too!

I moved to Nantes, in France in 2001 with my then french husband (now divorced) and two children. I am in fact living my childhood dream- since the age of about 12 I had always wanted to live here and I can honestly say I feel more at home here than ever. I can help you live your dream.

My Reiki journey started in 2011 after a spam emailing telling me to do Reiki. I had no idea what Reiki was but knew I had to do it- that is the Reiki effect! I was told it would change my life forever and it did, in the most amazing ways. Reiki is my path and has opened so many doorways, it’s incredible. I eventually became a Reiki teacher practitioner in 2013. This journey led me to letting go of so much , both materialistically and emotionally. A difficult part of my journey lasted 4 years, a place of debt, worry and fear. Through this time, as hard and as a dark as it was, it allowed to get to a point where I could let go of fear, worry, and  live happily regardless of the outside world. It taught me so much and gave me a huge toolbox to use in coaching, such as gratitude, changing beliefs, letting go of fear, finding inner happiness,and looking for the positive.


Emotion Code I discovered by chance. I saw a conference in French a few years ago, and I was hooked but the training was way out of my budget, and so I put the idea aside. This year, on listening to a favourite radio station of mine, Empower Radio, I heard Bradley Nelson talking about his book on the Emotion Code and within the day I had signed up to train. The Emotion Code is really everything I have always believed in, that emotion is the base of so much- illnesses, pain, blockages. Trapped emotions hinder our road to success, health and happiness. Helping people let go of these emotions is a true blessing, seeing how their life changes is a totally humbling experience.

My work I find is akin to painting, with each client I am able to choose the brush, the colour and tool to work with to allow the painting to life, each element I can mix to make the right consultation for you, the right blend, whether it’s art, energy healing or coaching,  or all together in a melting pot of energy and emotion.

Well come to my studio!